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Zac Efron Wins ‘Best Shirtless Performance’!

At last, Zac Efron was credited where he should be: being sexy!


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5 Hottest MTV Movie Awards Selfies!

The 2014 MTV Movie Awards has officially wrapped up, and there were more celeb selfies than ever imagined (okay, we kid)! For the ladies’ contributions, we carefully selected the 5 hottest:

mtv movie awards selfies

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Girls No More: The KCA 2014′s Hottest!

We all know that the Nickelodeon KCA is for kids. However, on its recent edition, its attendees seemed to be on a hurry to grow up by the way they dress (well, not all of them are underage).

We have no problem with that, as long as the girls… err, ladies… are lookin’ fine!

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2014 girls

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Above 30 & Still Sizzling: The Oscars’ Senior Hotties

Aging was never a problem for some of Hollywood’s veteran actresses, since they managed to experience it gracefully. So, in honor of their recent Oscar showcase, I still think we can tap these fine ladies…

oscars ladies

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The 2014 Oscars’ Most Babelicious Attendees

Sure, we tuned in to the 86th Academy Awards to see if our bets got even as little as a nod, but the pretty ladies’ appearances are just as luring! Check out our 5 stunning picks below:

oscars girls

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[More of] America’s Hottest Femme Fatales in Sochi

When it comes to America’s delegates to the Winter Olympics, the girls are taking the spotlight. But aside from that, their collective beauty isn’t to be ignored as well. Ogle them out, boys!

US Olympic Hotties

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Temperatures may be freezing low in the Russian city of Sochi, but its athletes are definitely on fire! Check out our list of the Winter Olympics‘ hottest entrées:

Sochi 2014's hottest athletes

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8 Awaited Book-To-Film Adaptations

We had a good time at the movies this year, but the features are going to get even more exciting for 2014 and 2015, as some prominent books get their own big screen versions!

book covers

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The nominees for next year’s Grammys came out this weekend, and the faulty selection made it no better than the recent VMAs. However, as the awards’ night is still more than a month away, there’s still hope if they consider these suggestions…

2014 grammys

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