Prince Harry May Deploy to Afghanistan in 2012

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Nothing else could ever spell sexy than a man in uniform. Especially, if you knew it was royalty serving his country in battle.  Well, you get the complete royal sexy package of such a sight in Prince Harry.

The 23 yr old Royal Prince has just recently qualified as an Apache helicopter pilot and may be headed back to combat in war-torn Afghanistan soon. Having served in the Helmand province in 2008, Prince Harry had little choice in getting extracted after endless media haunting compromised his location.

As of this date, hushed reports and whispers out of Britain have pegged another deployment for Prince Harry when his squadron returns to Afghanistan for another tour next year. The palace as well as Britain’s Ministry of Defence remains tight lipped on this topic, saying how they cannot comment on the deployment of individual service personnel.

A spokesperson for the Clarence house reiterates on this issue with a statement : “ Harry is an army pilot and will deploy wherever the army chooses to send him. His course finishes in 2012 and after that his deployment will be a matter for the army chain of command.”

The young prince has always been keen on his duties of service and, truth of the matter is, he does look quite sexy while serving his country in battle. The once notorious royal blood is now much more refined and strapping in his ways. When asked about his military aspirations, Prince Harry gracefully quips, “ My goal is to serve my country like everybody else in the British Forces.:

After all the royal wedding bliss of his older brother, Prince Harry may be looking at deployment as early as the summer of 2012. Marriage may yet be in the far side of things with the royal bachelor for now, and his commitment to service may keep him in the market for a little while longer.


Photo Credit: erangi2