A Royal Infanticipation?

Whispers of a new heir to the royal family are stirring quietly as Kate Middleton has been spotted doing the preggy belly rub during her UNICEF appearance. Although nothing can be confirmed about a royal pregnancy at the moment, sources are whirling on news about extensive renovations going on at Kensington Palace along with two other royal houses to make room for luxurious nurseries  fit for a royal baby.

This could just be a future infanticipation but not necessarily an immediate move. Then again, there have been other recent tell-tale moments going on at the royal palace that may suggest otherwise.

Just this October, the palace changed the rules of succession.  The first born child shall be first in line to be named monarch regardless of gender. Noticeably, this was made just for Prince William,  bearing in mind rumours of his desire to have a daughter. Prince Charles is also said to have the same wish for a granddaughter.  Top on the list of names picked out by the royal couple are Edward, Philip or Michael for a prince and Rose or Alice to go with a princess.

Now if that doesn’t smell like royal baby preparations for you, Kate has refused a sampling of peanut butter during a UN engagement  in Copenhagen.  Interesting to note that expectant mothers are usually advised to stay away from eating any peanut products as precautionary measures of transmitting allergens to their unborn child.

Nobody really knows what’s going on but everyone is certainly keeping a close watch on these royal moves.

Photo Credit: mjbstar.com

Photo Credit: society.ezinemark.com