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‘American Idol’ 10th Anniversary Album Drops On March 15

American Idol 10th Anniversary Greatest Hits Album

After 10 years on the air, the team at American Idol are preparing to launch a “greatest hits” CD. The Album, titled American Idol 10th Anniversary – The Hits will reach stores on March 15.

The tracks chosen for the CD include the “best of” from various past winners including Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Ruben Studdard and nine others.

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Water For Elephants Poster Revealed

Water For Elephants Promo Poster

Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon shared a romantic moment on the new poster for their upcoming movie Water For Elephants.

The movie, based on the novel by Sara Gruen is the story of a veterinary student (Robert Pattinson) who’s parents die, leading him to join a traveling circus as their resident Vet. Once on the road the vet falls in love with the head trainer’s wife, played by Reese Witherspoon.

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Lauren Conrad’s Reality TV Show Cancelled Before It Airs

Lauren Conrad

MTV has pulled the plug on a new reality TV series featuring Hills and Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad.

The show was to follow Conrad’s work as she works on The Lauren Conrad Collection for retailer Kohl’s.

MTV wasn’t in too deep with the show, having only shot one pilot episode for the show in October.

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Britney Spears “Femme Fatale” Cover Revealed, Album Debuting Soon

Britney Spears Femme Fatale Album Cover

Britney Spears fans should be getting excited right now, the pop queen has announced that her new album, titled Femme Fatale will drop on March 15 and in celebration of that announcement the pop singer has released the cover art (pictured above) for the album.

The album is the 7th Studio for Spears and in celebration of her release Spears tweeted the following message on Wednesday:

“This album is for you, my fans, who have always supported me and have stuck by me every step of the way! I love you all!”

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White Stripes Break Up, Rock And Roll Fans Weep

White Stripes Breakup

Jack and Meg White have called it quits. The White Stripes are ending their highly acclaimed run of rock and roll, a career that formed in 1997 when the dynamic duo first started performing together.

In a joint statement Jack and Meg said:

“We will make no further new recordings or perform live.”

Jack White in the last several years has been focusing his energies on bands The Dead Weather and The Raconteurs while building his record label Third Man Records.

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Katy Perry Is The New Face Of Thomas Sabo

Katy Perry - Thomas Sabo

German jewelry maker Thomas Sabo is now being represented by pop sensation Katy Perry.

The hugely successful singer can now be seen in various ads pitching the sterling silver company and their wares. Specifically Perry can be seen pushing the company’s “Pop Now” advertisements.

As part of her endorsement the pop star is only wearing pieces from the Sabo Collection during public appearances and she will make a special appearance at the company’s trade show in Munich later in 2011.

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‘Glee’ Super Bowl Sunday Promo Video Premieres

Glee Super Bowl Promo Ad

Gleek rejoice! Glee’s uber-expensive Super Bowl special is just around the corner and the first promo video for the show has debuted.

Glee will step outside the show’s typical Tuesday air time to show off a new episode following the Super Bowl on February 6 and the show is reported to be one of the most expensive single TV episodes of all time, given the fact that they have licensed the right to Michael Jackson’s Thriller among other big hits.

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Piers Morgan Watches Ratings Plummet After Two Weeks On-Air

Piers Morgan Talk Show Failing Miserably

During his last three months on the air talk show host Larry King routinely saw 674,000 viewers to his popular show, however just two weeks after taking over the show and with a huge advertising campaign supporting him, Piers Morgan is barely managing just over 50% of King’s original viewer numbers.

Piers Morgan Tonight has went from 2.1 million viewers during his shows January 17 premier to just 498,000 viewers as of Thursday’s show featuring uber-popular socialities and reality TV stars Kim and Kourtney Kardashian

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Kate Middleton And Prince William To Honeymoon At Britain’s Scilly Islands

Prince William and Kate Middleton Pose Together

When Prince William and fiance Kate Middleton wed later this year they will more than likely honeymoon in Britain’s Scilly Islands.

According to reports, the couple plan to spend their first week as husband and wife at the island.

The report comes from two different UK sources, however at this time Buckingham Palace is remaining mum on the details for the honeymoon which will occur immediately following the April 29 wedding set to take place at Westminster Abbey in London.

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Javier Bardem Offered “James Bond” Role

Oscar Nominated Actor Javier Bardem

Do you know what happens if you get nominated for an Academy Award? If you’re Javier Bardem and you were nominated for your role in Biutiful you immediatley receive an offer to star beside Daniel Craig in the next 007 film.

Bardem was approached last week with an offer to take on a role in the 23rd Bond film which will begin filming sometime in 2011.

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Screen Actors Guild Awards 2011 Winner List

The Kings Speech

The King’s Speech has beat out The Social Network in yet another awards show, taking the top prize Sunday at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The movie has 12 nominations at this years Oscar’s and with a best director win at the Directors Guild Awards the movie should be a good choice for front runner when the Academy Awards kick off in just four short weeks.

Among other big winners was Colin Firth for his role in The King’s Speech and Natalie Portman, the front runner for Black Swan.

Here’s the full list of big winners:

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King’s Speech Takes Top Prize At Directors Guild Awards

The King's Speech Still

The King’s Speech made the race for the Oscar a little more interesting last night when the movie’s director Tom Hooper took home the most coveted prize of the night at the 63rd Annual Directors Guild Awards.

Hooper beat out Golden Globe winning director of The Social Network and front runner for the night’s top prize, David Fincher.

It was a special night for Hooper, winning the award on his first ever DGA nomination.

In the past the Director’s Guild Awards have been a good precursor as to whom who win the Academy Award for best director. However, this year has been interesting with David Fincher also taking home the Critic’s Choice award for best director.

Here’s the list of the nights big winner:


British Actor To Play Superman In Newest Franchise Film

Henry Cavill

Warner Bros. today confirmed that they have chosen their newest actor to play Superman and it’s a brit!

British actor Henry Cavill will step into the role which was last occupied by Brandon Routh. Henry has appeared in “The Tudors,” The Count of Monte Cristo” among other roles.

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Mark Zuckerberg Appears On Saturday Night Live

Jessie Eisenberg and Mark Zuckerberg - SNL

With Jesse Eisenberg, star of The Social Network hosting SNL last night, it was the perfect time for Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, to make his primetime debut and that’s exactly what happened.

Here’s a video of Eisenberg opening the show with the help of The Zuck (He appears part way through the opening monologue):

I personally enjoyed the “I invented poking” line Zuckerberg delivered, even if he did seem to feel a bit akward standing on the live stage of Saturday Night Live, but who could blame the guy, he’s not a trained actor.

Turns out Zuckerberg and Eisenberg don’t appear to be mortal enemy’s after all. What did you think about Facebook’s CEO appearing on Saturday Night Live?

Charlie Sheen’s Newest Porn Pal Use To Babysit For Britney Spears

Kacey Jordan

As the Charlie Sheen rollercoaster continues to derail we bring you news of a different sort. It turns out that Charlie Sheen’s new “porn pal” Kacey Jordan likes famous guys. Not only has she been spending time with the Two and a Half Men star, she used to date Kevin Federline.

Jordan claims she even went so far as to babysit the couples kids every now and again when Federline would go out without her. We assume that means when Federline went drinking with the guys since he doesn’t actually work.

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Glee Star Lea Michele and Maroon 5 To Play Super Bowl Pregame Show

Maroon 5 Black and White Group Photo

Glee star Lea Michele and band Maroon 5 have both been tapped to play the Super Bowl XLV pregame show on February 6.

Lea will singer a rendition of America The Beautiful while Maroon 5 will perform a song as well, joining already confirmed singers Keith Urban and Christina Aguilera.  Xtina will close the pregame show by singing the American National Anthem.

The show starts at 6PM at Cowboys Stadium and will air live to the largest sports viewership of the year.

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American Idol Reject Sues Show For Third Time

Ian Benardo - American Idol Reject

Ian Benardo is that kid on the playground who can’t accept losing to the cooler kids, the American Idol reject is suing the show for the third time, claiming discriminatory practices against Idol producers.

According to Benardo, the show’s producers “exploited” him by asking that he “gay it up” for the show.

Benardo has tried the same tactic two other times, first asking for $300 million, then $100 million. This time Ian is asking for a measly $5 million

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Charlie Sheen’s $30,000 Check To A Porn Star

Charlie Sheen $30,000 Porn Star Check

Want to see what a check from Charlie Sheen looks like? The one featured above is a $30,000 “donation” given to a porn star for spending time with the Two and a Half Men star.

The check is part of the 36-hour party with five Porn Stars which ended with Sheen spending time in the hospital for stomach pains caused from hours of smoking a briefcase full of cocaine.

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Jason Davis Out Of Jail, Blames Family For His Own Problems

Jason Davis Mugshot

Jason Davis left jail last night after posting a $20,000 bond.

After his release Davis released a statement in which he blamed members of his family for putting him behind bars.

According to Davis:

“I am shocked that my family would once again alert the police, and media, about a personal family matter simply to promote their own public image. You don’t see Charlie Sheen’s family calling the cops on him.”

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