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Ten Famous People You Probably Didn’t Know Were Adopted

Perhaps you’ve wondered at some point what happens to children once they are adopted. Perhaps you’ve wondered if they grow up to become successful, or suffer the same afflictions as their biological parents, such as drug or alcohol abuse. Most people who are adopted consider their adoptive parents their real parents, and don’t advertise their […]

Simon Cowell’s Gonna Be A Daddy!

You’ve read it right, folks: lean and mean former American Idol judge Simon Cowell is (finally) going to be a daddy!

10 Hottest Latino Stars

Okay, so we’ll admit it: Latinos probably have the best genes. From their naturally tanned skin to their toned bodies, it’s so difficult not to get lost in the eyes of these hotties. For this week’s list post, let’s have a run down of the hottest, shall we?