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Not Another Justin Bieber Boo-Boo?!

Justin Bieber is rolling one hit after another… at the tabloids!

Miami Beach Police Documentation of Justin Bieber's Tattoos

(c) Huffington Post

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We all know that Brad Pitt is a gift from God himself, so much so that even reporters are going gaga over him.

Vitalii Sediuk

(c) Evoke

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Chris Evans isn’t just Captain America anymore, he’s gone on to become the king of Sandra Bullock‘s heart!


(c) Buzzsugar

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Apparently, Justin Bieber might just be the ladies’ man that he thinks he is. *sigh*

Justin Bieber and Yovanna Ventura Instagram

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… Mayweather says that the rapper caused the fight. How sincere.

Floyd and TI

(c) Getty

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Usher Strips Down For Breakfast!

Usher is one hot piece of breakfast himself!

Usher cooking eggs

(c) Twitter

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On Esquire: Mark Wahlberg Is All About Fatherhood

Mark Wahlberg is all sorts of awesome on Esquire‘s June 2014 issue!

Mark Wahlberg Esquire cover

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We wonder… is Hugh ‘huge’?

Hugh Jackman X-Men Days of Future Past

(c) Empire Online

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On GQ: Channing Tatum Is A Busy, Busy Man

For the sixth time, Channing Tatum is GQ‘s cover boy, and he’s as human as ever.

Channing Tatum for GQ June 2014 issue

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Cristiano Ronaldo Strips For Vogue España

…with his hot girlfriend, Irina Shayk! (Sorry to dampen your imagination, ladies.)

irina shayk and cristiano ronaldo by mario testino for vogue spain june 2014

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The awards night might be over, but we still couldn’t get enough of Billboard‘s hot red carpet action!

2014 Billboard music awards logo

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Finally, Rob Kardashian has stepped out into the public, and he’s packing some serious weight.

Rob Kardashian weight gain

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After a very rocky period for Robin Thicke, he’s determined to reconcile with wife Paula Patton!

Robin Thicke wants to win Paula Patton back

(c) USA Today

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Skylar Astin Delivers Some Good ‘Pitch Perfect’ News!

Skylar Astin catches up with E! News about some delicious deets on the sequel of Pitch Perfect!

Skylar Astin dishes on Pitch Perfect sequel (3)

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Celebrity Tips for Healthy Cooking

healthy meal

There’s no question that celebrities are among the most health-conscious people. It’s understandable because after all, it’s their physical image that matters most in their job.

Celebrity moms and chefs are often those who go for healthy cooking. And many have offered their tips online for their fans and parents looking for ways to cook healthy food to their families.

Here are some ideas you can follow to ensure you, too, can enjoy good health and great body moving forward. They’re easy to do so you should be able to do them for your every day meal and snacks. Read the rest of this entry »

FIRST LOOK: Ben Affleck as Batman!

Lo and behold, we now have a sneak peek of Ben Affleck, in character as Batman!

superman vs batman

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Lea Michele Puts On A Show On The Red Carpet

Lea Michele - FOX 2014 Programming Presentation hot

It’s not the kind of show that gets ratings or album sales, but hey, any press is good press, right? Lea Michele may be more known for her braless public appearances than her record sales lately. That’s a good thing in our house though. Read the rest of this entry »

Celebrity Kids’ Birthdays: Not Your Average Party

For kids, birthday parties are one of the most exciting events of the year. This may be especially true for the children of the rich and famous.

Some celebrities are known for throwing their children the most extravagant and over-the-top birthday parties you can possibly imagine. While the average American can’t consider coming close to what celebrities offer their kids on their big day, these very public birthday celebrations do stand occasionally set trends for birthday parties among the rest of us.

Famous people’s bashes for their kids offer a design, an idea, or something else to mimic that we can sometimes copy. Below are a few of the most notable celebrity birthday parties in recent years and what made them special.



Some of us take our children to the local pizza parlor and bowling alley, but other parents are in a position to rent an entire carnival for their son or daughter’s big day. The star couple Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick replicated an entire carnival for their one-year-old boy’s first annual celebration.

The event included a carousel, farm animals, and all kinds of yummy food. With such a fun-filled day, these celebrity parents felt they could cover all the bases. Read the rest of this entry »

Sunless is the New Gorgeous


We’re inundated with photographs of gorgeous celebrities frolicking on exotic beaches, their skin tanned to a rich gold. It’s almost enough to drive us to the nearest tanning bed to attempt a pale imitation (so to speak).

But not everyone is jumping on the melanoma-flirting bandwagon. A host of stars are breaking away from the sun fixation and standing up for whiteness. Read the rest of this entry »

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