Celebrities on Racism

After the catastrophe in Charlottesville, performer Kal Penn tweeted to commend the assorted variety of the US and scrutinize President Trump's dithering in openly denouncing the white patriot dissenters. In spite of the fact that the president, and a few individuals from his … [Read more...]

Why Celebrities Always Look Picture Perfect

When it comes to celebrities and looking good the two seem to go hand in hand. When you open up magazines you rarely see a celebrity that doesn’t look primped and fabulous even in candid shots. Although the photograph may be them slightly caught off guard or unflattering, … [Read more...]

3 Awesome Places The Stars Choose To Dine While In Australia

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4 Celebrity Secrets For Looking Perfect For a Photo Shoot

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Hollywood’s Top Interior Designers At A Glance

Celebrities of all levels have a long history of taking a great amount of pride in their homes. Big, beautiful properties are stifled when their interior design is not at its peak. Hiring the best of the best in interior design is the only way to achieve the desired look … [Read more...]