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Gwen Stefani & Baby Kingston Fashion Week 2007






Baby Kingston James McGregor Rossdale has come out of the closet.  Mom Gwen Stefani brought Kingston to Fashion Week 2007 for all of us to coo over.

Gwen is backstage at L.A.M.B. getting ready for the big show.  And doesn’t Kingston look handsome?  Daddy Gavin must have had something to do with that, eh?

So happy for the lovely family.

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Baby Violet Photos




And speaking of baby Violet, here she is now with Alias mom Jennifer Garner.  No matter what she does or what she wears, Jen is always a cutie.

Violet is quickly reaching her first birthday coming up in December.  They grow up so fast…  No wonder Ben Affleck has wizened up a bit.

Pics via:  PopSugar

Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized, Again

lindsay-lohan-hospitalized-again.jpgTeen queen Lindsay Lohan was hospitalized, again.

Apparently Lohan is still learning how to walk & was rushed to the hospital Friday after falling and fracturing her wrist.  We need an accident policy on the girl. 

The Georgia Rule actress was taken to St. Vincent’s hospital in New York after she slipped and fell at Milk Studios during a New York Fashion Week event. 

Lohan fractured her wrist in two places when she fell at Milk while walking in an outdoor area while wearing flat boots.  Maybe the Mork & Mindy gold boots?

Lohan’s publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnick confirms the fracture & states that there is a “pending investigation” to determine whether Milk Studios took adequate health & safety precautions with the ground. 

What a load of bull.  Just because the girl can’t walk, don’t blame the ground the walks on, people.  Sheez.


Man Urinates on Tom Cruise Estate, Gets Arrested



Poor Tom Cruise, nobody likes him anymore.  On Thursday a man was caught with his pants down on the Cruise estate.

The unnamed man was found urinating on Cruise’s property.  He has since been arrested by the Beverly Hills police for lewd conduct.

Cruise, Katie Holmes & baby Suri were all at the mansion when the incident occurred.

Man, nothing that fun happens at my house.


Ben Affleck Surprised by Best Actor Award

ben-afflect-best-actor-hollywoodland.jpg34-year-old Ben Affleck was just as surprised as we were at winning Best Actor award for his portrayal of TV Superman George Reeves in Hollywoodland.

Affleck left the Venice Film Festival early, trying to beat the traffic & not expecting any awards.

He states, “If I thought for a second that there were going to be awards for anybody, I would have stayed!”

Ben even goes so far to try and convince us to overlook Gigli.

“I’ve been in movies that earned a lot of money that… I wish I wasn’t in honestly. I was a little cavalier before, but having a child makes me think about things differently.

“I have to prove myself all over again, but I don’t mind that. Once I realized where things were going, I just said, ‘OK, let me make sure I’m in a place where I don’t have to worry about being on “Family Feud” for dough in five years and then I’ll just do what I can be proud of.’”

Affleck said that he reexamined his life after his daughter with wife Jennifer Garner was born last December.

“The only thing that matters to me is my daughter being able to be proud of her old man.”

I can live with that.  Just no more Gigli, dammit!


Run for Your Lives: Kevin Federline’s Album Coming Halloween



Beware the seventh level of hell is soon upon us.  Kevin Federline has seen fit to give us more of his damn music this Halloween. 

October 31 K-Fed will be releasing the hounds of hell on us with his new album Playing with Fire.  I feel the actual definiton of the phrase ‘playing with fire’ probably has something to do with making this type of music.  I’m likely to set the record company responsible for the release of Federline music on fire myself.

Anyhoo, may this pre-weekend post make you appreciate that you are much better than Kevin Federline.  Happy Friday.







I’ve decided that Paris Hilton is a walking & talking wax robot.  And in this photo, not a very sexy one.

Paris Hilton struts her waxy robotic charm at Another Magazine‘s after party Tuesday.  I think she may have needed to consult a wardrobe specialist before she left the house.

Beyonce Knowles Hits Toronto’s MuchMuch Studios


Beyonce Knowles can do anything and I will love her.  And she can do anything & always look lovely.  Straight hair, curly hair, afro hair- she’ll always be a bombshell.

The hot diva visited Toronto’s MuchMusic Studios Thursday to promote her birthday album.  The 25-year-old singer released her B’day album on her birthday September 4 and so far everyone is loving it.  And I think I’m loving those, umm, balloons.

Lindsay Lohan Spotted at NYC Da Silvano


Teen queen Lindsay Lohan was spotted yesterday at NYC’s Da Silvano restaurant.

Lohan chatted with friends & fan alike. After all the slamming & schooling she’s received this week, it’s nice she can keep a smile going.

But is there a new glow with the Lohan? Is she truly getting married to Pink Taco restaurateur Harry Morton? You tell me.
But oh, Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay- what is up with those golden Mork & Mindy shoes?

Steve Irwin Memorial Service Sells Out in Minutes

steve-irwin-crocoseum.jpgTickets to attend Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s memorial service sold out in a matter of minutes.  The memorial is to be held this coming Wednesday inside the Australia Zoo at the Crocoseum.

All 3,000 available tickets were snapped up by fans (a not so great, but intended pun) in just 15 minutes.  Irwin was killed last week by a stingray barb to the heart while filming a special segment for his daughter Bindi’s upcoming TV show.

The memorial service in Queensland’s zoo will be broadcast around the world.  Grieving fans camped outside three separate locations in order to get tickets to the event.


Bobby Brown Getting it On with Karrine Steffans

karrine-steffans-bobby-brown.jpgNow that Bobby Brown has been served divorce papers by soon to be ex-wife Whitney Houston, he is living it up with Karrine Steffans.  You may have heard of Steffans before, she is the author of the best-selling book ”Confessions of a Video Vixen” as well as being Bill Maher’s on-again-off-again intimate companion (ewwwww!).

According to the New York Daily News, Brown has been staying at Karrine’s love shack since Houston served him with papers earlier this week.

A friend of Brown’s stated, “It’s not like Bobby didn’t see this coming.”

“He and Whitney hadn’t been living together for months.”

Interestingly Steffans has a nickname.  I love nicknames, especially the elusive Hollywood kind.  Karrine has apparently been dubbed ”Superhead” for all the pleasure she has given to her many rich & powerful men.

According to Steffans, she had no part in breaking up Whitney & Bobby.  ”I’m not a home-wrecker … I can’t break up a 16-year marriage in a few months. I’m not that super.”

Yeah, I’m not sure we need much more than cocaine, beatings and alcohol to break those two lovebirds up.

Steffans reportedly paid Bobby’s cell phone bill this month & is comfortable in offering up her home (and anything else?) to him.  As for Bill…

“Bill and I have discussed Bobby.”

“But Bobby is not an issue in my relationship. I still love Bill. He’s the love of my life. I know you’ll see us back together.”


Napoleon Dynamite Jon Heder & Wife Expecting First Child


Gosh! Napoleon Dynamite‘s Jon Heder & his wife Kristen are expecting their first child together. 28-year-old Heder first hinted at the news yesterday and it has now been confirmed to People magazine.

Jon & Kristen who met when they were both students at Brigham Young University in Utah, have been married since 2002.

Congrats to the happy couple!


Seal, Heidi Klum & Family Shopping Video


Check out this adorable TMZ video of very pregs Heidi Klum, hubby Seal & toddler Henry. The family is having a gay old time at toy superstore FAO Schwartz.

Looks like the winning toy may be an orangutan this time. This cute couple are always on the lookout for plush animals.

Secret Service Bodyguard for Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt?



The U.S. Secret Service arrested 46-year-old Nelson Mercado for allegedly impersonating a federal agent in the hopes of securing a bodyguard position for Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt.

Mercado made false claims that he was a special agent for the Department of Homeland Security (wow, this guy shot for the stars) and was seeking employment by Brangelina’s security team, Sunset Protective Services. 

Besides being accused of using bologna pony credentials, Mercado also stands to face charges on a “fraudulently registered” Ford Crown Victoria with tinted windows & a police light package.  Well, you gotta do it up right when you’re trying to slip in the door, right?

If convicted, Mercado faces up to three years in prison.

Yowzers, what people will do….


Winona Ryder to Save Your Ass from Skin Cancer






Skin cancer sucks, but Winona Ryder naked certainly does not.  So, when you combine the two it isn’t so bad, right?

Ryder is helping to raise awareness (and will probably raise some other things in her efforts) for skin cancer.  The actress has posed nude, thank the heavens for us, for t-shirts and posters only covered by the words, “Protect the Skin You’re In” & “Save Your Ass”.

The ads are to be featured in Marc Jacobs stores & will also other celebrities such as crazypants Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington & sexy Dita Von Teese.



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Paris Hilton on Travis Barker

paris-hilton-travis-barler-kiss-and-tell.jpgAfter being caught getting tongue tied with ex-Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, Paris Hilton had a little something to say.

On her way out of the LA club Hyde a photographer asked the socialite, “What’s up with you and Travis Barker?”

Paris replied as only she can, ”He’s one of my dear friends.”

“I’m single, he’s my friend.”

Translation:  I’m single.  I’m horny.  And I get tongue-tied with my special friends.

Watch Paris Hilton kiss & tell video here.


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