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LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Dating

The rumors surrounding LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian have been flying around for quite some time but it was only last Thursday that the couple stepped out in public about their relationship. This is within a month or so of being separated from their respective spouses. At least the truth is out now, right?

Anna Paquin NOT Pregnant

And this is how rumors start…Anna Paquin was spotted wearing a baggy dress in Beverly Hills and somehow, the news that she is pregnant circulated like wildfire. Well folks, it was just a baggy dress. No baby bump in that belly. That’s not to say that she can’t be a surrogate mom to fiance Stephen […]

The Obamas Or Brangelina?

Ok gals, who is the hottest couple in America today? Parade.com conducted a survey to find out and guess what, Brangelina came out on top, with the Obamas running a close second. The First Couple can certainly give Brangelina a run for their money, don’t you think? Do you agree with the poll?

Michael Jackson’s Funeral Postponed

Announcements were made by Joe Jackson that Michael would be buried on August 28, his birthday. New developments have come up, and now Jackson’s dad says that the burial will be postponed for another 2 days. The reason? The family has some matters to put in order. I wonder what these are that their son’s […]

Octomom Trumps Jon & Kate

Kate Gosselin is losing to her counterpart. Not only does she have only 8 kids (as compared to Nadya Suleman’s 14), but her show also had fewer viewers. When Octomom’s 2-hour special was shown, it had 4.2 million viewers. Jon & Kate had 3 million. I’d say that’s still a good 2.9999 million more than […]