Michael Jackson Fragrance Line To Debut In March

The "post" Michael Jackson era has begun and now the Jackson Estate or at least Joe Jackson can add a fragrance collection to their rapidly growing list of Posthumous products with the king of pops name attached to them. Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson has teamed up … [Read more...]

Mark Zuckerberg Moves Into A Modest, Security Equipped Home

What type of home does a 26-year-old single guy buy when he's suddenly worth $7 billion? If you're Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and the youngest self-made millionaire of all-time you don't buy, you rent. Zuckerberg this week moved into a rather modest (for a … [Read more...]

Marth Stewart Hurt In Bulldog Boxing Accident, Requires Stitches

Marth Stewart was recently leaning in to say goodbye to her French Bulldog when her furry friend jumped up and punched her in the lip. Stewart says she "startled" her Bulldog Francesca when she tried to "whisper goodbye" while leaving her New York Home. The domestic TV star … [Read more...]

Ted Williams’ NBC Offer “Still Stands” Despite Rehab

Golden-Voiced Ted Williams may be entering rehab after his Dr. Phil sessions, but that doesn't mean that his new career is over before it's had a chance to begin, the NBA franchised Cleveland Cavaliers have told Ted that their job offer still stands. E! News spoke with team … [Read more...]

‘Touched By An Angel’ Star John Dye Dead At 47

John Dye, one of the stars of the past hit CBS series Touched By An Angel passed away this week at his home in San Francisco, he was just 47 years old. The death of Dye took to the web on Thursday after Dye's co-star Valerie Bertinelli tweeted the following message: “Dear, … [Read more...]