Isabella Cruise Marries BF Max Parker Secretly!

Church Of Scientology Speaks On Jim Carrey’s Ex’s Suicide!

Mariah Carey Turns Hit Song Into Children’s Book

Ariana Grande Makes A Lot Of ‘Impressions!’

Ellen Page Takes Her GF Samantha Thomas To The Red Carpet!

Rihanna Is Now DATING Travis Scott!

Eddie Cibrian Divorcing His Wife

It’s official. Eddie Cibrian has filed for divorce against Brandi Glanville, his wife of eight years. She said that it was her who asked to be divorced, and that he agreed.

Kristen Stewart On New Moon

Kristen Stewart says shooting New Moon was not easy. In fact, it just about “killed her.” I guess she really got into her character, didn’t she?

Candy Spelling Going To Have Her Own Show

Candy Spelling and daughter Tori have been at odds a lot and recently, mommy blasted daughter for using the kids in a reality show. As things turn out, Candy is getting her own TV show. It’s all hush hush though – no details yet.

Conrad Murray Contests Court Affidavit

A Houston court has released an affidavit detailing all the medication that Michael Jackson took in the recent hours prior to his death. It also shows the timeline. This can be critical to the homicide case, which is what Michael Jackson’s death was, according to the coroner’s report. Doctor Conrad Murray is disputing the affidavit. […]

Jon Goss Living A Nightmare

And what does he think his wife and kids are living? He said that he is living a nightmare and does not want to continue filming for their reality show anymore. I think that everyone else will agree with that second statement – his family and TV viewers alike.