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Juliette Lewis & The Licks London Pictures


Juliette Lewis & The Licks were rocking it out at an in-store session at HMV Oxford Street in London.

The Wednesday session was meant to give more hype & attention for the dynamic Lewis & her rock band’s new single “Hot Kiss”.  You know, it makes a lot of sense to have Juliette in a rock band, she fits right in there with dysfunctional rockers.

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Terri Irwin Barbara Walters 2020 Interview

terri-irwin-barbara-walters-9-28-2006.jpgIn a one-hour long special on 2020 last night, Barbara Walters gave a compelling interview with the strong & courageous widow of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, Terri Irwin.   

Millions watched as Terri tried to hold back tear through the entire interview.  Mrs.  Irwin spoke on everything from her son Bob’s pining for his father to her eight-year-old daughter Bindi’s strength & understanding.

Terri said it wrecked her heart to have to tell her two-year-old son Bob that his daddy had died.  Bob cried and cried and couldn’t stop pining for his famous father.

“He cried for his Daddy,” Terri said, holding back the tears.

Despite her husband’s shocking death from a stingray barb earlier this month, Terri said she has no fears for Bindi or Bob if they choose to follow in Steve’s footsteps as “wildlife warriors.”

Terri stated that the two young children were “blessed” to grow up in a zoo and have a strong love for animals.

“My fears are any fears any mother has,” Terri said.

“I have a wonderful gift that my children are growing up in a zoo and instead of them hating and fearing wildlife, they embrace it.”

Terri relived how she broke the tragic news to Bindi & Bob that their father had died.

“I told Bindi ‘In life you steel yourself for things that go wrong’,” Terri revealed, holding back those enormous tears.

“And I said ‘When something goes wrong you have to have faith and you have to believe it can be a new chapter and that we can go on’.

“And I said ‘We are still a family. Daddy still loves you and we have to stay together and get each other through this’.”

Terri & her children were on a trekking holiday in Tasmania on September 4 when her brother-in-law called with the life-alerting news that Steve had died.

“Bindi was okay until Robert (Bob) woke up,” Terri told Walters.

“Robert asked me twice what happened and I explained it to him. It took him longer to get his mind around it.

“He cried for his Daddy: ‘I want my Daddy to come. I want my Daddy to come now’.

“I’m okay until my kids cry.”

Terri said Bob recently took a screwdriver out of a tools drawer and said he was off to fix the family motorbike.

“Off he goes, very carefully carrying it like it was a lit candle,” she said. “Goes up to the motorbike and starts poking at it. I said, ‘What are you doing to the motorbike?’ He said, ‘I’m fixing the motorbike so daddy can drive it from heaven.’ ”

Gush, gush.  I don’t think I’ll be able to hold back those tears.

The world stood still last week as eight-year-old Bindi spoke at her father’s memorial service at Australia Zoo’s Crocoseum last week.  She never shed a tear, a very strong little girl they have brought up.

Walters, who was at the memorial service admired how calmly Bindi has spoken & asked Terri if she had truly understood that her father was gone.

“Absolutely, she understands,” Terri responded.

“She always understood because living at a zoo, animals die.

“She has seen death. She knows what death is.

“She said I want to be at the memorial and say something about my Daddy.”

Terri, however, could not speak at the memorial service, the pain being too close to her eyes.

“I couldn’t,” Terri said.

“It’s hard now.

“I’m really trying, but I’ve lost my prince.

“I’ve lost my prince.”

Terri revealed that she still cries all the time, but not in front of Bindi & Bob.

“They’ve seen me cry, but there are times when I weep,” Terri said.

“I usually weep alone.”

I hope you were able to watch the Barbara Walters interview, it was masterful & beautiful.  Our peace & love go out to the Irwin family.


Diane Keaton Picks & Inspects Bugger


I’m not sure what’s up with all the bugger picking lately, but it seems to be an epidemic. First Brooke Shields, then Cindy Crawford was caught with a finger up the old nose and now classy veteran actress Diane Keaton was spotted picking & inspecting her bugger.

What is going on? I’m going to think about it while I pick my nose.

Thanks to Celebitchy for the pics!

Matt Damon & Wife Luciana ‘The Departed’ Pictures




Matt Damon & his lovely Argentine-born bartending wife Luciana looked quite the couple at Tuesday night’s premiere of The Departed in New York.

They really are a well-put-together couple.  Good for Matt.

Steve Irwin’s Widow Terri Will Never Broadcast Death Footage


Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s widow Terri has refused to watch the footage of her husband’s death by a stingray barb to the heart off the coast of Australia.  Even though Steve had stated before his death that if he should ever die on tape, he would wish that footage to be shown.

In an interview to air tonight with Barbara Walters on 20/20 Terri stated, “What purpose would that serve?”

Irwin’s best friend & business manager John Stainton, who has seen the film, supports Terri’s decision.

He told Walters, “It’s just a horrible piece of film tape.”

Steve was filming a special underwater film for his daughter Bindi’s new TV show when the stingray struck with its poisonous barb.


Katie Holmes Loses the Baby Weight Pictures


It looks like Katie Holmes is back to showing off her size six body.  The new mother showed off her new bod at Conner’s football game this weekend.

All that hard running & working out has really paid off for the bride-to-be of zany Scientologist Tom Cruise.


Naomi Campbell Fails to Appear for Court


Superfreak Naomi Campbell failed to appear in court today for her hearing at the Manhattan Criminal Court.  Campbell has been warned that if she fails to appear in court next month, she faces arrest. 

Superfreak was to face accusations today that she threw a cell phone at her previous housekeeper’s head back in January.

Campbell’s lawyer David Breitbart claimed he absence was not due to professional reasons, but failed to give any more details.

Judge James Gibbons told the jury, “I want to make it clear that she is absolutely obliged to appear at the next hearing.

“If she fails to appear on that court date, the warrant will go into effect.”

Stupid move, Naomi.  Stupid move.


Kate Hudson Files for Divorce from Chris Robinson

kate-owen-9-27-2006.jpgAfter six weeks of separation from Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson, Kate Hudson is ready to file for divorce. 

A friend has told Us Weekly, “She is filing for divorce imminently.”

Imminently.  Wow, make it sound so urgent & earth-shattering.  I guess this whole imminent thing is for the Golden Stallion Owen Wilson.
Another friend adds, “As soon as she files, it relieves a lot of the pressure of going out with Owen.”

Hudson has been spotted with Owen having dinner, at soccer games, and a trip to Hawaii. 
“She’s much more true to herself when she’s with Owen,” says a source.

“Kate has never been happier.”

You know, once you’ve ridden the stallion, you never go back.






Actress Kirsten Dunst & writer / director Sofia Coppola posed at the Special Screening of Columbia Pictures’ Marie Antoinette hosted by Chanel Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Dunst took on the role of the young queen and from the reviews, the film left much to be desired.  But at least Kirsten took a shower for the occasion.


Pregnant Amanda Peet Pictures


As reported earlier, Amanda Peet is pregnant.  And look at how stunning the actress looks at An Evening with Studio 60.

It’s too bad that the show Studio 60 isn’t doing so hot.  I was looking forward to a long run for the new kid in town.  The premiere was a doozie, but ratings have fallen a whopping 16% since.


Avril Lavigne Likes to Spit Video


Avril Lavigne is a spitter, and not a bad one at that.  Tuesday night the “Complicated” singer hocked a good one at a TMZ photographer outside hot spot Hyde nightclub.

The facts:  Avril was spotted leaving Hyde & heading to an awaiting SUV with new hubby Deryck Whibley.  The couple got a little hot & heavy in the back of the car when some friends of their interrupted the newlyweds.  At this point photographers were going hog wild to get some shots of the celebs.

“Lavigne then stuck her head out of the side window, and yelled “Hey f***head, come here” to our cameraman. His gift for responding to her pet name — her saliva in his camera lens. The group then broke into laughter, with someone in the SUV calling Avril a “bad bitch” before driving off.”

Wow, that shows them, Avril.  Spit on them & they’ll go away.  Nice logic.


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Paris Hilton Officially Charged with DUI

paris-hilton-drunk-driving-9-27-2006.jpgSocialite Paris Hilton has been officially charged with that bit of drunk driving she did on September 7.

Los Angeles City Attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan said the 25-year-old actress/brand/singer/star had been charged with two misdemeanors: driving under the influence of alcohol as well as driving with a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit.

An initial court appearance was set for Thursday, but Hilton is not required to attend according to the L.A. spokesman.

The hotel heiress was pulled over & arrested on September 7 in Hollywood after police noticed that she was driving her silver Mercedes-Benz “erratically”.  Hilton later claimed that she was merely in a hurry to get a burger for her empty tummy.

If found guilty of the misdemeanor, Paris could face a $1,000 fine and/or six months in jail. 

Soon after her arrest, Paris’ spokesman Elliot Mintz made a statement to the press, saying: “Paris regrets the entire event. She had never been arrested before, so to go through the police procedure was very disorienting for her. It was personally humiliating for her. She is not taking it lightly or frivolously.”

Well, I guess it doesn’t pay to be a celebrity sometimes.  Poor Paris, yeah right, she’ll look right at home on the side of the interstate picking up trash in an orange suit.





Actress Sienna Miller, her mother & on-again-off-again man Jude Law were spotted at a special performance of Madame Butterfly at New York’s Metropolitan Opera Monday evening.

Sienna is looking lovelier than we’ve seen her in a while, mother Miller looks like she wants to cut someone with her fan and good ole Jude has that same old vacant expression as usual.  I think he sold his soul to the devil, that can only explain his wardrobe choices & no-one-is-in-here looks.

Via:  Socialite’s Life

Breaking News: Anna Nicole Smith Dead


OMG! In breaking news, it looks like Larry Birkhead may not be the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s newborn daughter. Anna Nicole’s lawyer Howard K. Stern has come forward to say that he is the “proud father” of her baby girl who was born three days before her son Daniel Wayne died unexpectedly in the Bahamas.

Stern told CNN’s Larry King Live on Tuesday evening, “It’s been very rough.”

“She said that she didn’t want to trade out children, meaning she didn’t want one to be born and another to die.”

20-year-old Daniel Wayne died quite suddenly September 10 while he was visiting his mother in the maternity ward of the Bahamas hospital. Stern was with Anna Nicole & her son when he died that night. He informed Larry King that they had named their newborn daughter Dannie Lynn Hope to keep Daniel Wayne’s memory alive.

Stern’s daughter with Anna Nicole is “the one thing that is really keeping her going,” the lawyer stated.

“And through it all, even with all the pain, she has been a great mom, a very attentive mom.”

“Anna and I have been in a relationship and we love each other and it’s been going on for a very long time.” Stern said. “Because of my relationship as her lawyer, we felt that it was best to keep everything hidden.”

Stern told King that he & new mom Anna Nicole plan to stay in the islands long term, for to give their daughter a new life, away from the prying eyes of the media.

Larry asked Howard if the two planned on getting married, Stern responded, “I’ve loved her for quite some time and hopefully the feeling’s mutual. At some point, we will. Right now we have to somehow get through what we’re going through.”

However we might still have the jury out on the paternity of Dannie Lynn Hope, photojournalist Larry Birkhead sent a statement to CNN countering Stern’s claim of paternity. He stated, “I’ve been told by Anna Nicole Smith that I’m the father of her newborn child. I have proof of it…I am requesting that a DNA test take place in the United States.”

”Does it give you concern that there might be a shot that the DNA might exclude you?” King asked the attorney, reading Birkhead’s statement. “Or is there no doubt that you’re the father?”

”I think based on the timing of it, that there shouldn’t be a doubt,” Stern countered.

As for the mysterious cause of Daniel Wayne Smith’s death, Stern said, “We’re still waiting to find out what the cause is.”

“We also now have an indication that there may have been other prescriptive medication in his system.”

Wow. That’s a Wednesday morning doozie.


Skinny Kate Bosworth Spotted with Mystery Man




Skinny & newly single Kate Bosworth was spotted in Greenwich Village Monday with an interesting mystery man.

I like his fashion sense & that he’s carrying the bags, but who is this new man, Kate?


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