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Korean Newspapers Sues Jackson Estate

In what is probably the beginning of a LOT of suits against the late Michael Jackson’s estate, a South Korean newspaper is seeking about $7.9 million. It says that there has been an unpaid judgment against his brother and parents. I can’t foretell the future but in this case, I can pretty much see a […]

J Lo Gorgeous At 40

Jennifer Lopez recently turned 40 and yet she still has a body – a gorgeous one at that – to show off. She was vacation recently in Capri with husband and twins, and photos prove that she still has it.

Ashton Kutcher Gets All Lovey Dovey

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary this September, and reports are surfacing that Demi Moore is soon to be Demi Kutcher. Ashton says as far as he knows, this is not the case. All he can say is that his wife is getting more and more beautiful as the years […]

Jessica Simpson Worries About Her Body

She says that she’s always been worried about her body. Even at age 12, her “tummy hanging over her underwear” worried her, and she worries about that to this day. I say give her a break. She’s not skinny slim but she still looks better than the average person, doesn’t she?

Jon & Kate Ratings DROP

After the hiatus caused by marital problems between Jon and Kate, the show came back on air. Fans were not happy, though, as the ratings show a 61 percent drop. I think they should just axe the show.