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Actress Sienna Miller, her mother & on-again-off-again man Jude Law were spotted at a special performance of Madame Butterfly at New York’s Metropolitan Opera Monday evening.

Sienna is looking lovelier than we’ve seen her in a while, mother Miller looks like she wants to cut someone with her fan and good ole Jude has that same old vacant expression as usual.  I think he sold his soul to the devil, that can only explain his wardrobe choices & no-one-is-in-here looks.

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Breaking News: Anna Nicole Smith Dead


OMG! In breaking news, it looks like Larry Birkhead may not be the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s newborn daughter. Anna Nicole’s lawyer Howard K. Stern has come forward to say that he is the “proud father” of her baby girl who was born three days before her son Daniel Wayne died unexpectedly in the Bahamas.

Stern told CNN’s Larry King Live on Tuesday evening, “It’s been very rough.”

“She said that she didn’t want to trade out children, meaning she didn’t want one to be born and another to die.”

20-year-old Daniel Wayne died quite suddenly September 10 while he was visiting his mother in the maternity ward of the Bahamas hospital. Stern was with Anna Nicole & her son when he died that night. He informed Larry King that they had named their newborn daughter Dannie Lynn Hope to keep Daniel Wayne’s memory alive.

Stern’s daughter with Anna Nicole is “the one thing that is really keeping her going,” the lawyer stated.

“And through it all, even with all the pain, she has been a great mom, a very attentive mom.”

“Anna and I have been in a relationship and we love each other and it’s been going on for a very long time.” Stern said. “Because of my relationship as her lawyer, we felt that it was best to keep everything hidden.”

Stern told King that he & new mom Anna Nicole plan to stay in the islands long term, for to give their daughter a new life, away from the prying eyes of the media.

Larry asked Howard if the two planned on getting married, Stern responded, “I’ve loved her for quite some time and hopefully the feeling’s mutual. At some point, we will. Right now we have to somehow get through what we’re going through.”

However we might still have the jury out on the paternity of Dannie Lynn Hope, photojournalist Larry Birkhead sent a statement to CNN countering Stern’s claim of paternity. He stated, “I’ve been told by Anna Nicole Smith that I’m the father of her newborn child. I have proof of it…I am requesting that a DNA test take place in the United States.”

”Does it give you concern that there might be a shot that the DNA might exclude you?” King asked the attorney, reading Birkhead’s statement. “Or is there no doubt that you’re the father?”

”I think based on the timing of it, that there shouldn’t be a doubt,” Stern countered.

As for the mysterious cause of Daniel Wayne Smith’s death, Stern said, “We’re still waiting to find out what the cause is.”

“We also now have an indication that there may have been other prescriptive medication in his system.”

Wow. That’s a Wednesday morning doozie.


Skinny Kate Bosworth Spotted with Mystery Man




Skinny & newly single Kate Bosworth was spotted in Greenwich Village Monday with an interesting mystery man.

I like his fashion sense & that he’s carrying the bags, but who is this new man, Kate?




Paris Hilton, I mean, Lindsay Lohan was spotted with Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos at Los Angeles club Dragonfly Sunday night.

With Harry Morton & LL enjoying an on-again-off-again type style relationship, Lohan hooked up with Paris’ ex.  Do I hear cat fight?  I do hope so.


Steve Irwin’s Widow Terri Speaks Out for First Time


Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s widow Terri has spoken about her grief for the first time to the press about her husband’s untimely & sudden death.

In an interview with Australia’s Channel 9, Terri reveals that despite being heartbroken and lying on the floor “curled up on the floor in a fetal position” she has received much encouragement and support from her eight-year-old daughter Bindi.

Terri stated that Bindi tells her mom, “She says, ‘Mummy, why are you worried? Daddy’s still with us.’”

Mrs. Irwin was floored by the overflowing love from the memorial service. 

She says, “I knew people would be missing Steve, but the feelings of love and support from Australians was just overwhelming.

“He would have said, ‘Crikey mate, I don’t believe this.’ I love Australia and I’m a lucky woman.

“Just thank you so much. Your thoughts and prayers are really felt and they are going to help me get through–and I will.”

Terri recalled the moment of learning of Steve’s death by a stingray barb to the heart on September 4 through a call made by manager John Stainton.

She says, “He said there’s been a boating accident with Steve. Don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it. He said it. He said those three words… ‘and he died.’

“I am still at the stage where I think he’s going to come home and it didn’t really happen.”

Barbara Walters also interviewed Terri, the emotional chat will air Wednesday on 20/20. 
Walters admits she was very touched by Terri and her courage.

She says, “You almost have the feeling that she’s (Terri) channeling him. She feels he’s there… They’re just an amazing, touching, wonderful family. It was a very special trip to me… She’s a marvelous woman.”



As posted earlier, 18-year-old Aaron Carter recently broke off the sudden marriage proposal to 22-year-old former Miss Teen USA 2003 Kari Ann Peniche.  For the first time the Playboy poser tells her side of the story.

Kari Ann tells Us Weekly, “It was to my surprise that Aaron came onstage and proposed to me.”

“I accepted at the time given the situation. We both got caught up in the moment and with further consideration I realize this wasn’t the best decision given his stability and age. I hope to remain friends with him and I wish him and his family all the best.”
I have to say, that was very mature for the Playboy bunny.  I’m sure she was able to come up with that sincere statement during some unrelenting tears and stabs to the Aaron Carter voodoo doll.



Ashlee Simpson Picture Corner


Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore & Tallulah Willis Pictures






Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore & Tallulah Belle Willis were snapped at the Open Season premiere in Los Angeles Monday.

The Greek Theater hosted the star studded event and Bruce Willis & Demi’s daughter Tallulah looked beautiful and takes after her lovely mother.

What a happy family.


Ashlee Simpson ‘Chicago’ Opening Night Pictures



Ashlee Simpson soaks up the applause & attention on her opening night as Roxie Heart in London’s West End performance of Chicago. 

Ashlee said performing on the London stage was a dream come true.   

“This is definitely an honor for me. It’s my dream!”

Sister Jessica was in the audience cheering on her little sister.


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Bobby Brown Needs a Car!

bobby-brown-car-9-26-2006.JPGPoor Bobby Brown, he just needs a set of wheels.  The former R & B star was asked to appear on the TV One Reality Series, I Married a Baller.  He response, get me a car and we’ll call it a deal.  Wow.  Whitney Houston must be doing a number on the boy. 

The producer of the TV reality series that chronicles the relationships of sports stars stated, “When he asked for a car, we actually thought he meant for us to book him car service.”

“But then I was told that he actually wanted us to buy him a car!”

I think Bobby B was a little embarrassed that the word got out about his lack of wheels, and passed on doing the show.  Brown’s lawyer even made a statement saying that Bobby was just joking about the whole silly car thing.  Whatever, Bobby.  You’re not fooling anyone.  I think someone should donate a used 1978 Beetle to the poor boy, but it has to be spray-painted with “I’m Bobby Brown & I need some damn wheels” on the side.


Harry Potter Star Emma Watson Wavering on More Films


According to Newsweek we may have a problem, a Harry Potter problem.  Hermione Granger as we know her, may be lost to us.  Emma Watson who plays the intelligent witch in the Harry Potter movies may not sign up for the final two films.  Aghhhh!  Maybe she wants more time with that Corona?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is currently filming in London and negotiations are already underway to secure Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) for the final two films.

Watson is unsure, hesitant about committing more time to the Harry Potter project.  She tells Newsweek, “I don’t know yet.”

“Every film is such a huge production, and it’s a long time.”

If Ms. Watson does continue with the series, the now 16-year-old will be playing the part of Hermione Granger until she’s 20.

“Daniel and Rupert seem so sure.  I love to perform, but there are so many things I love doing.”

“Maybe that sounds ungrateful. I’ve been given such an amazing opportunity, but I’ll just have to go with the flow.”

Well, I can’t say that I don’t understand, but Emma, put down the Corona & come back to us!


No President George T Clooney

george-clooney-for-presient-9-26-2006.jpgAlthough he is an outspoken advocate for human rights & has tried to draw attention to the suffering in Darfur, George Timothy Clooney will not be running for president.  And it’s a damn shame, it’s about time that we had a handsome individual running this place.

“Believe me, you don’t want me in politics,” 45-year-old Clooney told reporters Monday at an event where Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was signing legislation to help stop the atrocities in Darfur.

Told that Clooney have been wearing “George Clooney 2008″ t-shirts, the Syriana star stated, “I think they’re probably kidding.”

When asked if he would run for the presidential office Clooney stated, “That’s a bad idea.”

Regarding Clooney & Schwarzenegger’s current career paths, Clooney offered some wit, “He’s gone on to be governor, and I still think I’m Batman.”  Clooney & the California governor played opposite in the 1997 movie Batman & Robin. 

I heart the Cloonster.


Kate Beckinsale Tries to Pull Off Garbage Bag in Berlin




Kate Beckinsale tries to pull off wearing an apparent garbage bag in Berlin Sunday.

The Hollywood actress was attending the Berlin premiere party for her new film Click which also stars Adam Sandler, Christopher Walken & none other than the 911 prankster himself David Hasselhoff.

Photo via People

Steven Tyler Announces He Has Hepatitis C

steven-tyler-9-26-2006.jpg58-year-old Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler recently announced that he was diagnosed with hepatitis C three years ago.  The disease is commonly associated with using needles and is basically a serious infection of the blood.

Tyler reveals, “I’ve had hepatitis C for a long time, asymptomatic.”
The former admitted drug addict Tyler goes on to say, “I’ve been pretty quiet about this. “The band took a break about three years ago. … [My doctor] said now is the time, and it’s 11 months of chemotherapy” — actually, interferon, which strengthens the immune system — “so I went on that, and it about killed me.”
“You know, it really hurt. It was a bad, bad period. I’m in AA, and I tried to go three, four, five months with nothing, and it about killed me.”

Unfortunately as Steven underwent interferon therapy, his marriage to fashion designer Teresa Barrick suffered as well.  Their 18 years of marriage saw an end last year, the couple have two children together.
Regarding his home life Tyler said, “I had a little problem at home, to say the least, and I would run upstairs at night, you know, to put the kids asleep and wake up at 3 in the morning with a nosebleed — you know, just passed out from the interferon, the treatment. It’s a shot and pills and all of that. But the good news is I stood the test of time.”
The veteran rocker says of the disease, “It’s the silent killer.”

“I may go on Oprah and talk about this.”

Tyler isn’t alone, as over 4.5 million Americans suffer from hepatitis C, including Pamela Anderson who contracted the disease after sharing tattoo needles with ex Tommy Lee in 2002.
Much luck to Tyler in his health struggles.


Ouch! Aaron Cater Calls Off Kari Ann Engagement


Aaron Carter must be in the worst dog house ever.  Carter has officially called off his engagement to girlfriend actress Kari Ann Peniche.

On September 16 onstage in Las Vegas Carter proposed to 22-year-old Peniche, an ex-girlfriend of his older brother Backstreet Boys Nick Carter.  It was very sweet and quite romantic, until…..

“I got caught up in the moment and proposed. I then realized it was a hasty thing to do and I am not ready for marriage quite yet,” Carter said, spilling the beans.

A source close to Aaron stated, “They are just going to be friends now. She still wants to keep dating him but Aaron is not quite sure. He was trying to appease her but came to his senses and realized it was the wrong thing to do.”

Wow.  Might wanna get your feelings straight before you freekin’ propose to someone!


WTF: Did David Hasselhoff Prank Call 911?

hasselhoff-david-pamela-bach-9-25-2006.jpgUmmm, place this story under weird with the subheading weird, under the title weird.

According to David Hasselhoff’s ex-wife Pamela Bach, the former Baywatch star lied to the police when he called 911 to report that his young daughter Hayley had tried to commit suicide.  WTF?

David made a 911 call Sunday night stating that Hayley had “cut herself”.  Now her mother has revealed that the young Hasselhoff never tried to kill herself, it was just a spite call to the police by David to make Pamela look like a bad parent.  My god, have we not graduated from high school theatrics yet?
Bach stated that 14-year-old Hayley was scratched by the family feline Sunday evening at 6pm.  Hayley began to cry uncontrollably which prompted Bach to call David and suggest they take their daughter to see a psychologist on Monday.  At that point, David threatened to call the law on her.
“You’re going down,” he allegedly told Bach. “I’m calling the police.”

The cops & paramedics arrived on the scene and took Hayley to the hospital, where she was released almost immediately.

As of right now:  Hasselhoff denies telling a 911 operator there was a suicide attempt as well as ever talking with Bach on Sunday evening.  The Hoff, on his way to a film festival, left town without visiting his daughter.  What a great parent.
And what a waste of taxpayer monies.  Sheesh!


Tommy Hilfiger


Designer extraordinaire Tommy Hilfiger was spotted, ummm, getting to know his fans at the Sky Bar in Miami Beach, FL.

You know, in my mind, it would make much more sense if he was getting it on with a guy. Anyone feel me on that?

David Hasselhoff’s Daughter Hayley Attempts Suicide



David Hasselhoff’s daughter Hayley attempted suicide Sunday night.  According to the LAPD, Hasselhoff received a call around 6:30 pm that 14-year-old Hayley had “cut herself.”‘

David & his estranged wife Pamela Bach share joint custody with their children and have spent the last year waging a very bitter divorce battle.

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