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Mr. T & James Gandolfini Jets & Colts Game Sighting



The Sopranos star James Gandolfini & sometime star/after-school special extraordinaire Mr. T were spotted at the New York Jets vs Indianapolis Colts as Giants Stadium in New Jersey on Saturday.

The Jets lost 28 to 31 to the Manning-led Colts, but it looks like Gandolfini & Mr. T were able to comfort themselves in the arms of friends and not take the loss too bad.




Amanda Peet & David Benioff Married this Weekend

amanda-peet-david-benioff-married-10-2-2006.jpgI hope to have pictures soon, but we’ll get the news for now.  34-year-old pregnant Studio 60 actress Amanda Peet  & 36-year-old Troy screenwriter David Benioff were married Saturday in New York City.  The ceremony took place at Friends Seminary, a Quaker school where Peet is an alumnus- interesting.

Peet & Benioff first announced their engagement in 2005 after dating for four years, Peet recently announced their pregnancy on Letterman.  This is the first marriage for both, so we’re rooting pretty hard for the cute couple.

The ceremony was a black tie affair, Peet donned a strapless white dress with a black sash.  She carried a large bouquet of white, pink & cream roses.  Peet was all smiles as she walked down the isle to Benioff to a string quartet playing Beethoven’s Piano Concerto.

Peet’s pal Ken Witty stated, “It was a beautiful event.”

“Amanda looked beautiful. They passed the rings around so every single person could
touch them, which was unusual, but nice.”

Celebrity guests attending included actor Mark Ruffalo and actress Elizabeth Berkley.

“They were both glowing,” Ruffalo beamed.

It does sound like a tremendous affair.  Best luck to the happy couple.



Eva Longoria & Tony Paker Relationship Trouble


Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria & basketball star Tony Parker have hit a rough spot.  According to Longoria’s rep, the couple’s two-year relationship may be in danger.

Liza Anderson states, “Eva and Tony are going through a very difficult time right now, just like any other couple with extremely demanding careers.”

Are they preparing us for a break-up?

Tony & Eva met back in November 2004 and they’ve been together ever since.  But from Eva’s side of the story it looks like she’s a bit too lazy to seek out any other fish in the Hollywood sea.

Eva reveals, “There’s no way in the world I would rather be single.”

“Tony is too. I’ve said the only reason Tony and I are going to stay together forever is because we’re too lazy to look for someone else.”

Well isn’t that sweet, a love of convenience.

Tony Danza & Wife Tracy Separate After 20 Years of Marriage



In a ‘Remember him?’ post, Tony Danza & his wife of 20 years, Tracy, are separating.  The 55-year-old Danza & 47-year-old Tracy were married in June 1986, they have two daughters together:  19-year-old college student Katherine & Emily, 12.

Danza gained fame as Tony from the TV sitcom Who’s the Boss & recently hosted The Tony Danza Show which aired for two seasons before being canceled in May.



Beware: Paris & Kathy Hilton Nip Slips





Celebitchy had this fantastic post on a Paris Hilton nip slip.  Not only do we know what Paris looks like underneath all those fashionable clothes, we know where she got that flaunt-it-if-you-got-it philosophy.

Paris’ mom Kathy Hilton shows us how to work it in her very own not-so-nip-slip picture.


Well, we knew she was in Amsterdam, now we know who she’s with.  Paris Hilton & Travis Barker hit the Holland city and haven’t looked back since.  The duo had their Hyde affair, and now they’re taking their PDA to Europe, they must be so happy to have them there.

Paris & Travis have biked around the town, hung with Kim Kardashian, traveled to the Red Light District & sipped cocktails at the trendy Absinthe bar. 

Travis, who only recently split with his wife of two years Shanna Moakler, seems to be trying to hold on to the good thing that is Paris.

Ahhh, young love….  (barf)

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Anna Nicole Smith & Howard K. Stern Kinda Get Married


Anna Nicole Smith & her lawyer/boyfriend/possible father of her child Howard K. Stern exchanged vows Thursday aboard a boat near Nassau.

There was no, however, formal marriage and the ceremony is “not legally binding.” So that makes a lot of sense….

Michael Scott, another attorney for Anna Nicole, stated that the couple “exchanged vows before God” while onboard the boat but did not obtain a marriage license.

“It was not a formal, legal arrangement,” Scott said.

Anna Nicole is having a busy year, lawsuits, marriages, her son Daniel Wayne tragically dying & a newborn daughter whose paternity is being fought over.

Stern recently told talk show host Larry King that he is the true father of Anna’s newborn baby, while photojournalist Larry Birkhead is fighting for a DNA test to prove if he may be the real father.

In a response to Stern & Smith’s “marriage”, Birkhead stated, “I wish them all the luck in their commitment, however my only commitment is to have a life with a daughter I was told was mine.”

Poor old fool. We’ll see pretty soon who the real father is. I’m placing my bet on Pee Wee Herman. You?




After being officially charged with a DUI Wednesday for that bit of erratic drunk driving on September 7, Paris Hilton trades her silver Mercedes-Benz for a two-wheeler.

The socialite was spotted in Amsterdam (look out, Netherlands, Paris is in town!) switching gears to a less reckless type of transportation.  I’m giving Paris a little credit there, I thought she’d be too lazy to bike.  Maybe she’s paying someone to push her up hills though….. 


Vivica Fox Guest Stars in ‘Jubilee’ Pictures


Kill Bill’s Vivica Fox guest starred in the dancing sensation production of “Jubilee” at Bally’s Hotel & Casino Resort in Las Vegas. The sexy actress performed beautifully and the crowd welcomed her appearance with a standing ovation Thursday.

Vivica has come a long way since Beverly Hills: 90210.

Vanessa Paradis Picture Corner


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Not only is Johnny Depp getting married to his longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, his is marrying his Sweeney Todd vocal coach.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor has to pass a singing test to land a part in Tim Burton’s new film Sweeney Todd, after all the work they have done together I don’t think he’ll have a problem.  Do you?

The bosses of the new film have allowed Depp’s longtime love Paradis to be his singing coach so he does not have to leave his beloved southern France home to take lessons in L.A.  Vanessa enjoyed a pop career in the 80s and is ready for the job.

A source stated, “He is over the moon Vanessa can train him in the studio at their converted barn.”

Johnny will be playing the demonic hairdresser Sweeny Todd, who butchers his clients and uses their remains as fillings for pie.  Sounds very Tim Burton.

As reported earlier, Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis are to be married sometime in the near future, and we here at Celebrific will keep you posted on all the juicy details.


Orlando Bloom & Penelope Cruz Dating?


Penelope Cruz is such a beautiful & classy woman, which is why her dating partners have always surprised me:  Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughey & now possibly Orlando Bloom.

On Saturday, Penelope & Orlando were spotted at the L.A. hot spot Hyde dancing to the oldie but goodie song “Run Around Sue”.  Later that evening it is reported that Bloom affectionately kissed Cruz’s hand.  I guess since Kate Bosworth is out of the picture, for now, game on.

Tuesday the two were spotted again at club Hyde, but spent more time apart than with each other.  Let’s keep an eye on these two & see where this is going.


Paris & Nikki Hilton Milan Sighting Pictures



Socialite sisters Paris & Nikki Hilton were spotted in Milan at the Armani Cafffe Thursday.

The Hilton sisters look just as lovely as always, especially since Paris isn’t drunk & having her private goods exposed to the world at large.

Paris seems to be going for a Barbie look, while we’re going jungle with Nikki.



Jared Leto on Being Fat


Jared Leto recently gave an interview to Sirius Satellite Radio about gaining 62 pounds for a film role.  34-year-old Leto, the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman, played John Lennon’s assassinator David Chapman in the movie Chapter 27.  Here he is now.

Sirius:  Someone told me that the music is more important to you [than films], and that’s the priority.
Leto:  I don’t make a lot of films, because – I’m very picky #1; and we’re very involved with the band…we’re having a tremendous amount of success right now with 30 Seconds to Mars, but, January and February, I made a movie [called Chapter 27] and I gained 62 pounds for it.
Sirius:  Did you feel lethargic and miserable that way, and you couldn’t wait to lose it?
Leto:  Yes.
Sirius:  Is there a healthy way to gain weight?
Leto:  No. You cannot do it. You know, I don’t eat meat, so I would eat a large Dominoes pizza, every night for dinner. And then, it actually wasn’t any fun. Some people think ‘oh it was enjoyable’, but I was force feeding myself to such an extent that I would throw up in the back of my throat every day. My body was falling apart, and it was just really bad.
Sirius: Was it weird for your self-esteem to see yourself getting out of shape and not being you?
Leto:  It didn’t mess with my self esteem because I knew it was work. And I looked at it like climbing Mount Everest, or whatever a huge challenge would be for somebody, so I focused on that. But it did change the way people treated me…there was some funny situations where a very powerful person ran into me, and they looked at me, and they were like “Oh, You’ve just grown up, haven’t you?” (laughs)
8 days after I was done with the film, I fasted for 10 days, and I got right back on the road with 30 Seconds To Mars.

Wow.  62 pounds is a lot of twinkies….


Pregnant Amanda Peet to Marry David Benioff this Weekend


Pregs actress Amanda Peet has confirmed that she & her fiance David Benioff will tie the knot this weekend.  The pregnant Studio 60 star will marry screenwriter Benioff in a small ceremony sometime over the weekend.

Wednesday Peet made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman and confirmed that she is four months’ pregnant (OMG, she is so huge!) and talked a bit abour breaking the news to her Studio 60 cast members.

Peet reveals, “I was a little nervous to break the news to everyone, but the thing that fascinates them the most, I think, is just — they’ve taken to calling me ‘fatty.’”
“That’s just not right,” Letterman interjected.
34-year-old Peet Replied, “I think it’s really funny.  [Studio 60 creator] Aaron Sorkin is convinced I have a five year old in here or twins or something.

“All they do is call me fatty and whenever I’m not on set they’re like, ‘Check craft services – she’s probably over stuffing herself again.’”

Peet said that she & Benioff will have a small wedding ceremony before about 140 guests.
“It’s a big week, Peet stated. “I have been having recurring nightmares about not the ceremony, but the party. There sort of adolescent fears of just being lame, of having a lame party.”
Just what are Amanda’s nightmares?  “I go to the bathroom and I come back to the party and everyone’s gone. Except for some everyone’s dispersed there’s a few distant uncles of David’s left. And another one where the band just didn’t show up so everyone got board. And I was begging musicians that I know to just ‘Play! Play something!’”
Poor, pregnant Amanda.  I’m sure no one will leave her wedding, maybe she has an issue with these uncles?



larry-birkhead-9-28-2006.jpgWell, who is the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s newborn daughter Dannie Lynn Hope?  Anna Nicole’s lawyer & longtime friend Howard K. Stern stated on Larry King Live that he is the proud father of the little one, but ex-love interest photojournalist Larry Birkhead is claiming paternity. 

Birkhead is demanding a DNA test to prove who the father actually is, he has already stated that he plans to fight for custody of the child.

Larry posted on his website, “I AM THE PROUD FATHER… The whole thing is laughable. It was obvious that even Larry King didn’t believe what Howard K. Stern was saying.”

Birkhead also revealed to Us Weekly magazine, “I have asked for a DNA test and I welcome it.”

Although there is no word as of yet who the actual father is, Birkhead stated, “I am in good spirits this morning because I know I am the father of the child.

“I look forward to having a relationship with my new daughter.”

Either Larry Birkhead is a loon or the father, or a loony father.  What do you think?


Jessica Simpson London Pictures




Jessica Simpson & her sheer dress were spotted leaving Mr. Chow in London Tuesday.

Jessica was in town seeing sister Ashlee’s Chiacago musical performance.

Despite the luggage bag & army boots, the blonde star looks lovely.  What do you think about the sheer?


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