Demi Lovato ‘Allures’ In New Shoot!

Bruno Mars Wears Curlers On “The Voice” Finale!

Today’s Hottest Woman: Britney Spears In “Women’s Health!”

Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss Is Miss World 2014!

Kourtney Kardashian Has Another Boy!

Eat Like the Stars (With the Stars!)

MJ’s Doctor Gave Him Drug Before Death

The police have reported some new developments in their investigation of Michael Jackson’s death. If there is one thing that they are sure of, it is that the star’s doctor gave him medication before he died – the powerful anesthetic propofol. This could mean big trouble for the doctor as this is considered malpractice.

Former AI Contestant, Alexis Cohen Killed In Hit And Run

Alexis Cohen was one of the contestants in American Idol’s season 7 and was one of the most memorable of the bunch. Simon Cowell didn’t vote her through to Hollywood, but Alexis took it defiantly and said that she would go into acting. She subsequently appeared in some TV and radio shows. Over the weekend, […]

Jon Goss: I Am Single

Right. In case any of you girls are interested, Jon Gosselin of former Jon & Kate Plus 8 is now SINGLE. He is just Jon, without the baggage. He’ll hang out with you if you want. Go to Paris. Or maybe spend a weekend at the Hamptons. He is not looking for anyone, but wants […]

Chipmunks Win Over Magic

Who would have thought that tiny chipmunks from the movie G-Force could oust the powerful wizards and witches of Harry Potter? Well, this has happened in the Box Office, where Harry Potter dropped an astounding 61 percent from its opening weekend. I guess there aren’t that many HP fans out there after all!

LeAnn Rimes & Husband Separate

LeAnn Rimes and Dean Sheremet, her husband of seven years, have separated. Sources close to the couple say that they have been having problems for a while. Divorce is not yet an option but the two have not been staying together although they are trying to work it out. Does this have any bearing on […]

Octo Mom Kids Get TV Deal

If Nadya Suleman manages her kids’ money well, they just might be set for life. A deal has been struck for each of her 14 kids: $250 per day for a TV reality series. Pretty sweet, huh?

Tameka Foster Raymond Blindsided By Divorce

You’d think that the partner would be the first to know that h/she was being divorced right? In the case of Usher’s wife, Tameka, she was blindsided, according to a friend. She said that the couple had been having problems for some months before Usher filed for divorce. However, Tameka merely thought that they were […]

Jon’s Tabloid Reporter Girl Resigns

Just the other day, she was an unknown. Now, Kate Major has quit her job at the tabloid she works for, citing conflict of interest. Is this a sign that what’s going on between her and Jon is something serious? Then again, Jon is seen with a different girl practically every week! What makes her […]

Carrie Prejean: Beauty Queen To Singer

She may have been dethroned as Miss California but Carrie Prejean is not leaving her show biz career. It seems that she is trying her hand at another thing – singing. She performed at Opening Day at the Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego on Wednesday. How did she do? She’s got spirit, you have […]