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Author Frank McCourt Passes Away

When he published the book Angela’s Ashes years ago, author Frank McCourt became a household name. The Pulitzer Prize awardee has made the headlines again – he passed away on Sunday, at the age of 78. Rest in peace, Mr. McCourt.

AI Might Lose Paula

The rumor is that AI might be one judge short next season, and no, it’s not Simon Cowell but Paula Abdul. Her manager said that she might not be back. This is quite surprising as Paula recently said that she definitely would be back and the show’s producers stated that she was integral to the […]

Carla Bruni Sings For Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is a celebrity on his own right, and other personalities from all over the world toasted him on his 91st birthday. This included France’s First Lady, Carla Bruni. And yes, she did perform for him as well. After all, the First Lady was a singer before, wasn’t she?

Mr. and Mrs. Smith 2 as an attempt to revive the Brangelina passion.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are rumoured to work at a sequel of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ and hope that the movie can reignite their marriage, revive the passion. Although Pitt, who was still married to Jennifer Aniston, always denied it he and Jolie famously fell in love on the set of the first movie […]

ESPN Reporter Erin Andrews Gets Peeped

Poor Erin Andrews. This is proof positive that there are some downsides to being super attractive. There is a leaked peephole video of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews that purportedly shows her in the buff.

Walter Cronkite Passes Away

The most trusted man in America has left us. Walter Cronkite delivered the news with an authoritative air that he became part of every American’s life. From Kennedy’s assassination to the Vietnam War, he was the one who delivered the news to the nation. He had been battling cerebrovascular disease for quite some time and […]

Hugh Jackman Your New Avon Man

From hunky Wolverine to your hunky Avon Man – yeah, you read that right. Hugh Jackman is not one to rest on his laurels and is making his comeback as your friendly Avon Lady – albeit male. I couldn’t care less, really. It’s still Hugh Jackman!

Bruno Unites Israelis And Palestinians

The enmity between the Palestinians and the Israelis has existed for ages. I guess it takes one such as Bruno to get them together, albeit in a weird way. Bruno’s escapades in “Middle Earth” has brought the two parties together in their disdain for the gay Austrian character. Why am I not surprised?

Madonna Pays Tribute To Dead Crew Members

Madonna lost two crew members in France while they were setting up the stage. That same night, she honored them in a concert in Italy. For some reason, a crane fell on the men and took their lives. Who said that crewing for celebrities was a safe job?

Jessica Simpson Dumped By Tony Romo

They say that Tony Romo dumped Jessica on the night before her 29th birthday. Some say that it was a mutual decision. Whatever it was, she’s heartbroken right now, a friend of hers says. Poor Jessica. Maybe she’s better off with someone else anyway.