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Quote of the Day: Angelina Jolie on Lotion

  “I love to put on lotion. Sometimes I’ll watch TV and go into a lotion trance for an hour. I try to find brands that don’t taste bad in case anyone wants to taste me.” ~Angelina Jolie

Is Lindsay Lohan Cleaning Up Her Act?

    Good ole 20-year-old teen queen Lindsay Lohan reveals that she’s actually been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for over a year.  What?!!  I’m not believing that one, LL.  I don’t think it qualifies as AA to sit around a musty, old bar talking about how drunk you are with your passed out cohorts & toast the […]

Adriana Lima on the Beach in Bikini

  Since everyone else is talking about Adriana Lima in a bikini, I thought why not.  Enjoy more bikini-clad Lima at IDon’tLikeYouInThatWay.  Enjoy!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Spotted at ‘The Good Shepherd’ Premiere

  Do-gooders Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie were spotted at the Ziegfeld Theater Monday for the premiere of The Good Shepherd.  The Robert DeNiro-directed movie stars Angelina as beauty Clover Wilson, as well as Matt Damon & DeNiro himself. Pitt & Jolie stuck close at the New York City event, never straying far from each […]

Paris & Nicky Hilton Get Kinky at Playboy Mansion Pictures

Egotastic had these great pictures posted of Paris & Nicky Hilton getting a little kinky at the Playboy Mansion & I couldn’t resist!  Could you?  These  fabuloous images just tell us so much, don’t they? Like, “Will work for ten dollar an hour.”  Or, “If you liked this, you should really see what we do in private.  Only […]

Kate Moss Spotted Topless in Jamaica Pictures

Kate Moss looks like she’s getting a bit wiser in her older years. Moss left Babyshambles frontman & continual addict Pete Doherty last week & headed to Jamaica. Moss is renting Ian Fleming’s old pad on the beach & looks to be having a nice go of it, she’s topless & carefree anyway. Did I […]

Ashton Kutcher on Marc Jacobs & Football

The once model Ashton Kutcher recently attended Fall Fashion Week with his sexy wife Demi Moore.  Interestingly, Kutcher had pen & pad in hand as everyone was waiting for the Marc Jacobs new fall line to hit the catwalk.  Apparently the 28-year-old actor was working on a column for the January issue of Harper’s Bazaar.  I don’t think I […]

Stavros Niarchos’ Parents Hate Paris Hilton

Well, it looks like things have always been a bit rocky for the on & off again relationship between Paris Hilton & Greek shipping heir Stavros  Niarchos.  Apparently, Niarchos’ parents hate Paris.  They think she’s a bit tacky.  Gee, what gave them that idea?  The pantyless photos, the sex tape or Hilton’s own loud & proud parents? According to one source, […]

Salma Hayek Nude Scene in ‘Ask the Dust’ Wins Best of 2006

Salma Hayek’s superior nude scene in the critically acclaimed (but probably just for Salma being nude) movie Ask the Dust has won her the highly touted (not really) Best Nude Scene of 2006. It would be great if you had to accept your award naked, eh? Hayek competed with Bai Ling, Gretchen Mol & Kyra […]

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Spotted in New York City

  Well, if the two are getting married in Johannesburg, they’re a long way from their ceremony destination.  Brad Pitt & partner Angelina Jolie were spotted on the streets of Manhattan on Sunday. The two arrived in New York City recently to work on Brad’s new film.  My, how long we have come since early 2005 […]