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Edward Cullen Is A Doll

Looks like Edward Cullen will be immortalized even more – if that is even possible. The Twilight character has been described as having the perfect face, and now, he is literally a doll, a Barbie doll, that is. Collectors, get ready to purchase your Edward doll this November. I am sure it will be one […]

Stallone To Be Honored In Venice

He may not be starring in too many action movies these days, but Sylvester Stallone has not lost his touch. In fact, he is going to be honored at the Glory to the Filmmaker Award at the Venice Film Festival. This award has been given to some of the most distinguished personalities in the field […]

Jay Leno Gets Off Free

Remember the hullabaloo about the writers’ strike last year? Many have been accused and charged by the guild because of breaking ranks during the strike. Jay Leno was lucky to escape their ire for writing his own monologues during the strike. I wonder why?

Anna Nicole Smith’s Friend Can Sue

The court has decided that a friend of Anna Nicole Smith can sue an author for defamation of character. However, the gay part cannot come into play as this is not considered a “bad” thing anymore. So who is the friend? Howard K. Stern. He is suing the author of the book “Blonde Ambition: The […]

Michael Jackson “Authorized” Photo Album To Be Released

We all knew it would happen. All sorts of MJ merchandise have been sold, are being sold, and will be sold. This time, a luxury publishing company is releasing a photo album that was actually compiled months before Michael Jackson died. Dubbed “The Official Michael Jackson Opus,” it will be ready for delivery by Christmas.