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Katie Holmes to Play Victoria Posh Beckham in Biopoc


Katie Holmes has been picked to play a pal of hers in an upcoming biopic.  Holmes is slated to play Victoria Posh Beckham in a new movie about soccer star David Beckham.

Holmes and fiance Tom Cruise are closed friends with the Beckhams and were hoping that they would both be involved with the film.  However, Tom will not be taking on the role of David due to their “marked physical differences” and because no one likes him anymore.

An insider stated, “Tom has a brilliant grasp of what the public want to see and thought David’s story was wonderful.

“A football star emerges from humble origins, there’s drama within the matches and romance in his love affair with Victoria at the height of her pop-star fame.

“At the time Tom was seeing quite a lot of David and Victoria. The quartet are very close friends and the Beckhams would only be happy about their story being used if Tom and Katie were involved.”

Yeah, they were seeing a lot of each other.  That’s what people do who are trying to take you over to the dark Scientology side.


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Kate Moss & Pete Doherty Spotted


Kate Moss has been a busy girl lately, taking on a designing career and still having time to drop in on on-again-off-again boyfriend Pete Doherty.

Kate stopped by Pete’s current rehab clinic, the Priory, just outside London Wednesday.  Doherty is facing five drug offenses that have been deferred until December 4th. 

Maybe this will be the rehab stint that will make Pete sober?



Hotel heiress, socialite, brand & self-proclaimed singer Paris Hilton has finally come clean.  She’s doesn’t know a damn thing.

Page Six reports that while investigators were looking into the home invasion of ”Girls Gone Wild” producer Joe Francis, Hilton stated that she was not a credible witness.

“Like I really…I don’t remember. I’m not like that smart.”

“I like forget stuff all the time.”

Not so smart Hilton goes on to tell investigators that some of her own “private tapes” were also stolen from the home, but her father had warned the blonde princess to not pay for their return.

“So if you pay somebody, then you’re gonna be paying for the rest of your life.”

“My dad always taught me. They’ll keep the tape anyway.”

Yes, I’m sure he did.  I’m sure Daddy Hilton had some blackmail experience himself.

So, maybe this is a brilliant move by Paris to continue to convince people that she’s a complete idiot, thereby allowing her to get by with just about anything?

What do ya think?  Yeah, I don’t buy that either.


Jack Nicholson Reveals He’s a Horny Old Man



Next career move for Jack Nicholson?  I’m thinking Viagra spokesman.

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Jack admits that he’s never bought a condom and that in the past year his sexual partners “[have] covered the territory from twenty-one to sixty-one.”

Wow.  That’s one for the creepy file, having sex with Jack Nicholson.

Jack’s office seems to take care of him fairly good care of them, “If I needed a porn picture or something like that, my staff normally does that kind of shopping for me.”



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Kate Moss Turns from Cocaine User to Designer



Supermodel Kate Moss has put down the cocaine and is trying a new career approach, designing.

Moss will be embarking on the path of fashion design will British company Topshop.

Kate stated, “I have always been a big fan of Topshop and regularly shop there. I love what they stand for and am very excited at the thought of working with them. It’s going to be great fun.”

Hmmm, I’m thinking she should have taken a stab at designing while on charlie, might have helped in the creative process.  Maybe Pete can help her with that part…


Paris Hilton & Stavros Niarchos Teen Vogue Party Pictures




Isn’t this so last summer?  Paris Hilton & ex (or maybe not) Greek socialite Stavros Niarchos were spotted photographing themselves at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party at the Sunset Tower in Hollywood last night.

Hmmm, what are those two getting into these days?

The Manny is Back: Now Protecting Jude Law


The Manny is back.  Perry Taylor who we know & love from protecting Britney Spears & family looks to now be employed by none other than Jude Law.

Why the new Law assignment?  Did Jude see a little something extra in this one?  Well, maybe the on-again-off-again Sienna Miller will reap some rewards.


Scarlett Johansson Hearts Boyfriend Josh Hartnett


Scarlett Johansson recently opened up about her ongoing romance with Lucky Number Slevin Josh Hartnett.

Scarlett reveals, “If you’re in a supportive and loving relationship–well, there’s nothing like it!

“It’s a real blessing knowing there is somebody who is there for you, somebody with whom you can share the stories of your day, and who is sympathetic to what you’re going through.

“Josh and I have the same attitude to our careers. Josh is a great actor–even before I knew him as a person, I admired him as an actor.

“He’s serious about his work, dedicated and very focused.”

Sounds like the two have a good thing going.


The LAPD, Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake & the Paparazzi

justin-timberlake-cameron-diaz-lapd-9-21-2006.jpgThe L.A.P.D. is speaking out about an alleged altercation Monday night between Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz & the paparazzi outside the couple’s friend’s house. 

Officer Marjan Mobasser states, “At half past midnight, Cameron Diaz called the police. She told the officers who arrived that she and Justin Timberlake were at a party at a friend’s home. Apparently after they left the party and were walking to their vehicle, a photographer was allegedly hiding in the bushes and jumped out and tried to photograph her.”

“[Cameron] and Justin Timberlake chased the photographer a very short distance to his car, at which point he got into the car and turned around and came towards them. Ms. Diaz and Mr. Timberlake both felt that the driver, being the photographer, was trying to hit Cameron Diaz with the car.”

There are usually two side to every tale and the agency the photographer works for, X17, insists that the paparazzi is the victim in this case.

According to an agency representative, “Cameron’s statement is totally false. “She’s made this mistake before. [She and Justin] assaulted first, and then realize they’ve been caught on camera so they try and file something legal.

“They hit him, Justin grabbed him, Cameron grabbed the camera and tried to take the flash card. They screamed insults and only stopped when the 2nd guy showed up to video it. It was not on private property. The street isn’t private. It’s all on public property.”

While no charges have been filed for the incident and no suspects are in custody, Timberlake & Diaz did go to the police station and fill out a ”report for an attempted assault with a deadly weapon.”

Wow.  It’s hard out there for a pimp.  Tell me what you think, were Cameron & Justin overreacting?


Stephen Baldwin Book Signing Pictures: He’s an Idiot


Stephen Baldwin was photographed at Barnes & Noble signing his not-so-noble new book “The Unusual Suspects:  My Calling to the New Hardcore Movement of Faith“.

It’s a mouthful, that’s for sure.  This particular Baldwin is taking a stab at born-again Christian writing.  All I have to say is this Baldwin is a big goof.

Twin Boys for Patrick Dempsey & Wife Jillian

patrick-dempsey-wife-jillian-expecting-9-20-2006.jpgGrey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey and his wife Jillian are expecting twin boys.  The couple already have a 4-year-old daughter Talula (same name as Bruce Willis’ daughter) who will be a big sis in the near future.

40-year-old Dempsey met his wife & hairstylist Jillian in 1994 when he stepped into her salon for a haircut.  Oh, I like that.  Celebrity meets average Joe, or in this case Jill.

Congrats to the happy couple!  We’ll keep you up to date on the Dempsey twin boys news.



Steve Irwin Crocoseum Memorial Service: Saying Goodbye

bindi-iwin-steve-irwin-memorial-service-9-20-2006.bmpThe world said goodbye to Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin today.  The memorial service held at Australia Zoo’s Crocoseum was broadcast around Australia, Asia & the U.S.  A khaki-clad choir sang as celebrities and friends alike came to say goodbye to the naturalist.  Irwin was killed 16 days ago by a stingray barb to the heart he received while snorkeling off the coast of Australia.

Steve’s father Bob was one of many to speak at the memorial service, “Please don’t grieve for Steve. He’s at peace now, but I’d like you to grieve for the animals, for the animals have lost the best friend they ever had, and so have I.”

A koala was seen sleeping in a nearby tree Irwin’s widow Terri held their young son Robert in her lap.

Irwin’s eight-year-old daughter Bindi also spoke saying, “My daddy was my hero, he was always there for me when I needed him.”

“We filmed together, caught crocodiles together and loved being in the bush together. I want to help endangered wildlife just like he did.”

A crowd of about 5,000 attended the memorial service and many celebrities had sent in video tributes.  Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Cameron Diaz, Larry King & Justin Timberlake all remembered Irwin though a video message.

Crowe stated in his tribute that Irwin’s death was “was completely unfair.”  The star went on to say, “We’ve all lost a friend, we’ve lost a champion.”

Goodbye Steve & good luck.


Brad Pitt to Replace Tom Cruise on Mission: Impossible?

tom-cruise-brad-pitt-mission-impossible-9-20-2006.jpgRumors abound that Brad Pitt will be replacing Tom Cruise as the next Mission: Impossible star.  Apparently after the Cruise rift with Paramount, the studio is looking elsewhere to fill the blockbuster role.

According to Access Hollywood, “If Paramount was serious about continuing the Mission: Impossible franchise without Tom Cruise in the lead role, Brad Pitt is obviously well suited to fill his very big shoes.”

“He’s sexy, he’s fit, he’s an A-list star in his own right, and after playing a similar role in last year’s blockbuster Mr. & Mrs. Smith, he’s certainly got the action chops.”



Last Picture of Anna Nicole Smith’s Son Daniel Wayne



Here is a preview of In Touch magazine’s new Anna Nicole Smith issue.

As posted earlier, this is the last known picture of Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel Wayne before he suddenly & tragically died in the Bahamas September 10.  The family is photographed with Anna Nicole’s newborn daughter.

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Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson Dine Out in L.A.

kate-hudson-owen-wilson-spotted-9-20-2006.jpgLast Friday Owen Wilson & Kate Hudson were spotted dining at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont.  27-year-old Hudson arrived at the restaurant around 10:30 pm with three other ladies & 45 minutes later a baseball cap wearing Owen Wilson showed up and kissed the young actress on the cheek.

According to a restaurant patron, the recently separated Hudson was very pleased to see the Golden Stallion.  “It was Owen Wilson.  She was so happy to see him!”

The two lovebirds whispered into each other’s ears (sweet nothings?) and didn’t stop touching knees until they left.

The same patron added, “They gave each other their undivided attention.  They smiled the entire time.”

“They didn’t care who saw.”


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