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Brad Pitt Thinks Valkyrie Is Ridiculous?

According to Brad Pitt’s rep, it is “inaccurate.” He says that Brad has not even seen the movie. (That should tell you something about how he feels about Tom Cruise, yes?) If you ask the writers of Stern, a German magazine, however, Brad Pitt did call Tom Cruise’s movie “ridiculous.” So which is which? Maybe […]

Brody Jenner Celebrates Birthday In Hospital

The Hills actor was taken to the hospital for a case of appendicitis. Unfortunately for him, he had to spend his 26th birthday there. He tweets how much it sucks to be there on his birthday but that he’s happy because he’s got his lady with him. Get well soon, then.

James Burton Fails To Set Record

Guitar icon James Burton celebrated his 70th birthday with a bang, but failed to reach his goal. In attempt to make the Guinness World Book of Records, he wanted to gather the world’s largest guitar ensemble. He only had about 800 guitarists – the current record is 1,800++. 800 is still an impressive number, don’t […]

Amy Winehouse Back On Stage

Controversial singer Amy Winehouse has been flying below the radar for a while, and she surprised the audience by joining The Specials on stage at the V Festival in Chelmsford, England. Looks like time has been good to her, as she was looking really healthy and nothing like the woman people dubbed “Wino.”

Another Burglary At The Lindsay House

Lindsay Lohan’s home seems to be a favorite with burglars. The police was called to her home for the second time within three months for a burglary case. No one was home, no one was hurt, no one knows if anything is missing. Am I the only one who smells something fishy here?