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Naomi Campbell Lets Loose on Quantas Airline Employees


Superfreak Naomi Campbell has let loose on the public at large, again.  When the catwalk queen landed in Australia yesterday via Bangkok, Thailand (what in the hell was she doing there?), she loudly chided Quantas Airline employees for allegedly alerting the press that she was landing.

Naomi shouted at the airline attendant that was carrying her bags, ”F**k off! I am never flying Qantas again!”

A Qantas spokesman responded by stating, “We are not aware of any issue Ms. Campbell may have had on her Qantas flight. And we’ve looked into all angles from departure to in-flight and arrival.”

Poor superfreak Campbell, she really has some issues.




The normally un-shy Gwyneth Paltrow made the odd decision to hide under an umbrella and sweatshirt on her way inside LAX yesterday.

I can kinda understand the escape, but it just looks so hilarious, Gwen. 

Via:  TMZ

Dave Navarro Trashes ‘Life & Style’ Magazine

dave-navarro-blog-9-22-2006.jpgRocker & Carmen Electra ex Dave Navarro has a lot of time on his hands lately & has been a busy, busy bee.  Recently on his blog, Navarro has let loose some steam on Life & Style magazine.  Here is the man now.

“Life & Style are now officially the new Kings of the Bottom feeders…L&S has stated that I am homeless and heartbroken after being kicked out of someone’s home (whom I never dated or lived with).

“As you know, I don’t like to respond to this stuff, but my real issue with them isn’t the story or my denial, it’s the fact that they called for a comment and chose not to run it because it made the story less dramatic and sensational. What did they think I was going to do? Confirm? When they asked for my response, I informed them that not only have I never dated the woman in question, but I have never even been to her home, let alone lived there.

“I am also very much housed, living in a comfortable residence situated in the heart of fabulous Hollywood, CA. In true L&S form, they chose to go with the “source”, instead of the facts that came directly from the center of their story… Me.

“Is it worth my attention? No, not at all… But it sure is fun! HAHA! Plus, I like to give you, the reader, an inside look at how this shit goes down. (It also doesn’t suck that I get to trash L&S in the process!)”

Ahhh, Dave and your many, many, may women.  How does he keep up with all of them?


David Charvet & Fiance Brooke Burke Beach Pictures



All I have to say is, can I pretty please look that beautiful when I’m morning sick & pregnant? 

Former Baywatch star David Charvet & fiance Brooke Burke (you know her from Rock Star: Supernova) gallivant along the Malibu shoreline.  The sexy couple are expecting their first child together and announced their engagement in August.

So happy for the cute couple.




So I missed this Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale & baby Kingston picture.  Yesterday I showed the happy family taking a stroll in London’s Primrose Hill district Wednesday, but it looks like I missed this goodie.

Thanks to Just Jared for the picture.


Lindsay Lohan Taking Rehab Seriously




Looks like Lindsay Lohan is taking her fractured wrist recovery quite seriously.  The teen queen is apparently into rehab.


God Save Us: ‘Jackass Number Two’ Pictures





Get under the covers & hide, Jackass Number Two hits theatres today.  Here are some pictures of Steve-O & Johnny Knoxville acting the jackass, surprise!  The two are celebrating the world premier of Jackass at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in L.A.

And yes, to answer your question.  Steve-O did piss all over the red carpet again this year.  Pictures here.

May you look at these pictures and feel better about your own life & personality.

Russell Crowe Picture Corner



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Russell Crowe Wants to Play Steve Irwin in a Biopic Movie


Gladiator star Russell Crowe wants to play the part of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin in a movie about his life. 

Irwin tragically died earlier this month from a stingray barb to the heart he received while snorkeling off the coast of Australia.  Australia Zoo held a memorial service at their Crocoseum Wednesday for the much-missed naturalist.

Sources say Australian native Crowe has already contacted Universal Studios with plans for an Irwin biopic.

A source states, “It’s not about money for Russell–it’s about honoring his mate.

“Steve once told Russell that he wanted him to play him in a movie version of his life.”


Lindsay Lohan Mom Management Problems

lindsay-lohan-mom-trouble-9-22-2006.jpgRecently teen queen & partier Lindsay Lohan has been trying to live clean and quit the all night parties.   But it looks like more trouble is in store for Lohan. 

On September 14 at NYC’s Philippe restaurant while celebrating her mom’s, who is also her manager, 44th birthday, things turned ugly when Dina Lohan tried to pick a fight with her famous daughter.

According to one onlooker, Lindsay “was miserable” and eventually stormed out telling her mom to “go to hell.”

Lindsay “was miserable,” says one witness, and stormed out, telling her mom to “go to hell.”

“(Lindsay) is no longer a teenager. She needs her mother less in a managing capacity and more as a family member.”


Thursday Celebrific Sighting Pictures



Death Certificate Issued for Anna Nicole Smith Son Daniel

anna-nicole-smith-daniel-wayne-death-certificate-9-22-2006.jpgA death certificate has finally been issued for Anna Nicole Smith’s son Daniel Wayne.  There has been much skepticism surrounding the death of the 20-year-old. 

Daniel Wayne Smith was visiting Anna Nicole in the Bahamas after she had given birth to a baby daughter when he tragically & suddenly died in bed September 10.  Since that time experts have been trying to figure out the exact cause of death. 

Anna Nicole Smith’s attorney, Michael Scott, stated that she was issued the death certificate so that Smith could bury her son pending the outcome of some additional tests, the results are expected to take about two weeks.

In a statement Scott said, “It is not unusual in instances where the cause of death cannot be determined to issue a death certificate.  This is not a matter of special treatment being given in this particular case.”

Anna Nicole is trying to move forward in her life and take care of her newborn daughter and has filed for a birth certificate for the baby girl.  Anna will be remaining in the Bahamas, as she has been granted permanent residency.

Scott added, “She’s much better.”

“You never get over that, you get through it. Time is the catalyst for that.”


Kevin Federline Brings Home the Bacon with Five Star Vintage Job

kevin-federline-fashion-job-9-21-2006.jpgIt looks like one- Kevin Federline has found another way to make money than mooch on wife Britney Spears and making terrible music albums; and two- that I will never buy anything from Five Star Vintage clothing company.

Just a few shorts days after bringing newborn baby Sutton home from the hospital, K-Fed has found a new job.  He will be the face of  Five Star Vintage’s holiday clothing line.  Gag.  Who wants to see that?

A company spokesperson lied & states, “He is a maverick, making his own choices when it comes to his music, his fashion and his celebrity.”

“He is constantly in the public eye, which makes him a good spokesman for our line.”

Does this mean wife beaters & hang-low ripped jeans are on the holiday gift menu?



Lindsay Lohan Impromptu Dance Video

lindsay-lohan-dance-video-9-21-2006.jpgUmmm, Lindsay, what are you doing?  Between cigarette puffs, Lindsay Lohan breaks is down at The Lot.

Lohan seems to be performing the part of a toy soldier in the “Nutcracker” as she kicks, stretches, and does some very odd dance-like moves in the parking lot.

After feeling something amiss, Lohan sees the cameraman and discontinues her hilarious high stepping & walks away to torment others with this impromptu choreography.

See the video at TMZ.


Jessica Simpson’s New ‘Employee of the Month’ Look


Jessica Simpson’s new look for the Employee of the Month premier.  What do we think?  I’m thinking it’s a Stepford Wives look.

In a recent interview, Jessica Simpson revealed that her Employee co stars helped her be a happier person, as if that was possible, Jess.

She says, “I was going through a pretty rough time. So all these guys really lightened my day. They made it bright. We all became such great friends. It was a great getaway for me.”

“A great time to just sit back and relax and laugh and enjoy myself, enjoy my friends and enjoy life. And the cast and crew reaped the benefits. I made cupcakes here and there. I love to bake so I would bring stuff to the set all the time.”

Sure, Jessica.  So then with all that baking, how do you keep such a lovely, petite figure?  I think she means to say is that Little Debbie makes cupcakes here and there.



Rockers & new parents Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale took a stroll with 3-month-old baby Kingston. The happy family was spotted in London’s Primrose Hill district Wednesday.

That’s sweet, it looks like Gavin is trying to help with Gwen’s do.



George Clooney Attacks Media

george-clooney-darfur-media-attack-9-21-2006.jpgHollywood hunk, actor & activist George Clooney has launched an attack on the media at large, and most especially the New York Times.

A staunch opponent of President George W. Bush, Clooney charges the media with beating around the Bush when it comes to George W’s performance as the country’s leader.  He blames the American public for focusing too much on reality TV instead of real news.

Clooney states, “In the year-and-a-half or two years leading up to the war in Iraq, both in print and in broadcast journalism, the media took a pass on its responsibilities. I don’t think there’s anyone that would deny it–The New York Times certainly hasn’t.

“And if The New York Times and The Washington Post and USA Today are all reneging on their responsibility, then believe me it’s going down to the local news level as well.

“This has really been a poor time in journalism. We already had a Congress on the same side as the White House. We needed a Fourth Estate more than ever, to say, ‘Let’s at least ask questions before we do these things.’

“The media’s failings reflect on the rest of us too. It took, what, three months after September 11 before reality shows became big again? There’s a responsibility to be upheld.”

I have a weak spot for George Clooney, that’s all I’ll say.


Anna Nicole Smith Sold Son Daniel Pictures for Funeral


Anna Nicole Smith apparently sold the last known photographs of her son Daniel Wayne in order to pay for his funeral expenses.

The family pictures were taken in the Bahamas two days after the birth of Anna Nicole’s daughter was born and just hours before 20-year-old Daniel was found dead.

What happened to all that Playboy & Anna Nicole Smith Show money?


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