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Daily Dose of Zen: ‘Swan Lake’ Pictures

  And here it is, your daily dose of Zen.  The cast of Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake come out by the flocks for the press photocall Wednesday. The ballet troupe were spotted in London at Sadler’s Well.  I’m not sure if this image is going to give me good dreams or bad ones, you tell […]

Pamela Anderson Talks Sex & Marriage on Howard Stern Show

Pamela Anderson was a guest on the Howard Stern Sirius Radio show Thursday morning & made it clear that she’s a big girl that can take care of herself, despite her impending divorce from estranged husband Kid Rock.  Here’s the scoop now: Howard: “It was reported that you were deciding between Tommy and Kid. Is […]

Heidi Klum Opens Up About New Baby Johan

Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel.  Yep, that’s his full name.  Heidi Klum & Seal must have had to work hard on that one, whew that’s a doozie of a name! Klum gave birth to their new baby Johan on November 22 & things have been about as smooth as they can be with baby & family.  In a recent interview, […]

A Baby Shiloh Picture Moment

  Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s baby daughter Shiloh is already working it for the camera.  Look at those beautiful baby blues & those full lips, wonder where she could have gotten those soft pillows? Jolie recently stated that her other two children Maddox & Zahara are being good siblings with the new addition to […]

Lindsay Lohan Spotted in Hollywood Pictures

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at Teddy’s in Hollywood Wednesday. The teen queen dropped by the club with “water bottle” in tote. But we know better than to believe this whole AA clean-up act, don’t we? That water bottle looks more like a vodka concoction just waiting for her favorite Red Bull to add to the […]

Daily Dose of Zen: Matthew McConaughey in a Suit

  The normally bare-chested & drunk Matthew McConaughey donned a suit on CBSs The Early Show to promote his new movie We Are Marshall. What more can one say?  This has been your daily dose of Zen.

Brooke Burke Pumps Iron Pictures

A very pregnant Brooke Burke pumped some iron recently with her personal trainer at the Santa Monica Steps.  Wow, I think even a pregs Brooke could kick my ass! Thanks to Life & Style for the pictures!  

What’s Up with Beyonce Knowles’ Boobs?

  So when Beyonce Knowles made her Dreamgirls appearance on the red carpet earlier this week, she looked beautiful, didn’t she? But what the hell is going on with those boobs?  Is this lovely dress just a bad fit?  Or are those some new girls that Beyonce is sporting?  What do you think- Are Beyonce […]