Isabella Cruise Marries BF Max Parker Secretly!

Church Of Scientology Speaks On Jim Carrey’s Ex’s Suicide!

Mariah Carey Turns Hit Song Into Children’s Book

Ariana Grande Makes A Lot Of ‘Impressions!’

Ellen Page Takes Her GF Samantha Thomas To The Red Carpet!

Rihanna Is Now DATING Travis Scott!

Rosie O’Donnell Vouches For Ellen

Her shirt says she loves someone else, but Rosie O’Donnell predicts a rosy future for Ellen Degeneres as an American Idol judge (no pun intended). She said that Ellen would be much better than Paula, who “was often incoherent.” Well she’s right about the incoherent part, but that was also Paula’s charm, wasn’t it?

Ellen Degeneres: New AI Judge

Seems like Paula Abdul will really not be returning to American Idol. On Wednesday, Fox made an announcement regarding her “permanent” replacement: talk show host Ellen Degeneres. Simon Fuller is excited about it, and so is Ellen. Some critics say she is the wrong choice, I think she’ll do wonderfully. What do you think?

Kathy Griffin Tells About Lipo Horrors

You may not know it, but comedienne Kathy Griffin had her own issues about her appearance. When she was younger, she had liposuction done, and things went horribly. Lucky for her, she was able to turn things around and get where she is now. Her advice? We will probably always want to be someone else […]

Antonio Banderas Speaks Out About Melanie And Rehab

Melanie Griffith’s checking into rehab (again) made the news recently but it did not really have much staying power. In the middle of this week, though, husband Antonio Banderas shed some light on his wife’s move. He says that she checked herself into rehab because she has been taking medication due to a skiing accident. […]

Janet Jackson On MTV VMAs; To Pay Tribute To Bro

Janet Jackson is going to open this year’s MTV VMAs, and she is going to do it with a tribute to her brother, Michael. Needless to say, it is the most appropriate thing to do after his passing and considering his contribution to the popularity of music videos. This should be quite a production!