Mariah Carey Spends Time With New BF On His Birthday!

Nick Jonas Leads Slimy Fun At KCAs 2015!

Today’s Hottest Woman: A Barely Clothed Amber Rose!

Zayn Malik LEAVES One Direction!

Did you know this celebrity was an artist? Five secret celeb artists

Angelina Jolie Had Ovaries & Fallopian Tubes REMOVED!

David Copperfield Brushes Sexual Assault Case Aside

I bet that if he could make the lawsuit magically disappear, he would. In the meantime, the magician simply denies the allegations of a 22-year-old woman who claims that he assaulted her sexually and that he threatened to kill her.

Miley’s Daddy OK With Pole Dancing

If you saw the recent Teen Choice Awards, you would have witnessed teen actress-singer Miley Cyrus pole dancing. While critics have been quick to pounce on this, Miley’s dad Billy Ray is just as quick to come to her defense. He says that she just likes entertaining people. How cool a dad can one have?

Oprah Sues Over False Endorsements

Together with regular guest Dr. Oz, the talk show queen is suing around 50 companies. The reason? The companies have allegedly been claiming that the pair endorses their products. Acai berry ring a bell?

Kourtney Kardashian “Thinks” She’d Pose Nude Pregnant

We all know that Kourtney is expecting – it’s been all over the news lately. But did you know that she “thinks” she would pose nude as a pregnant woman if she were asked to do so? She wouldn’t be the first, would she?

Jon Gosselin is NOT Joining “Divorced Dad’s Club”

It’s a “real” club, at least as real as reality TV can get. Divorced Dad’s Club is actually a new reality TV show in the making, and it has been rumored that Jon will be joining the cast. A rep from the production company says that no talks are going on, though. What do you […]