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Good Morning America Welcomes Steve Harvey

Comedian Steve Harvey is joining Good Morning America for a while as a contributor. In the next several months, he will be reporting on various topics ranging from relationships to parenting. He should be an interesting addition to the show.

Nicole Kidman To Guest On Project Runway

Celebrity guests are all the rave in TV reality shows these days. Nicole Kidman is the next celebrity to make an appearance in one of the most popular reality shows – Project Runway. The news is that she is going to be mentoring the contestants in one of the challenges. With her sense of style […]

Eva Longoria Parker Expanding Restaurant Business

Ever heard of Beso? Not the Spanish word for kiss, but Eva Longoria Parker’s restaurant. Looks like she’s doing good despite the economic downturn. The word is that she’s opening up a branch in Las Vegas and some airports around the country. I wonder how tasty the dishes are…

Tyra Banks To Show REAL Hair

So she’s got fake hair? Well, kinda. See for yourself the REAL Tyra Banks on September 8, when the premiere of season 5 of her show will air. Her goal is to encourage women to be proud of what they have naturally. Quite a noble act, I say, but how long will she be wearing […]

Paula Abdul Retracts AI Decision?

That’s the news, according to some sources close to Paula Abdul. They say that, for the right price, Paula will return to American Idol. Her price? $10 million. Talks with other shows haven’t materialized and it seems that Paula wants to go back. But will they meet her price? Or will she settle for less?