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‘Dreamgirls’ Takes Eight Oscar Nominations, Except Best Picture

Well, it’s no big surprise really.  Dreamgirls is leading the Oscar nominations that were released Tuesday.  The film, which stars Beyonce Knowles & newcomer Jennifer Hudson, has snatched up eight Oscar noms.  The one nom the movie did not receive, however, was the much highly touted Best Picture Academy Award or even a Best Director nom.  Who else is surprised about that one?Brad […]

Jessica Simpson Would Like the Cock, Please

  This just in from PopSugar:  Jessica Simpson would like her cock, please!  Ha!  Unfortunately, it’s not what you think, or is it?  Simpson was spotted over the weekend dining at The Farm at The Grove where a delightful little decoration caught her pretty eye.  Here’s the scoop: “Jessica Simpson was eating at the farm with her friend and asked her waiter to […]

The Celebrific Lowdown

Celebitchy:  Jennifer Garner at the Catch and Release premiere  IDLYITW:  Beyonce is looking good, don’t you agree?  Bastardly:  Suzanne Somers looks a little leathery these days  Filmsy:  Demi Moore & hubby Ashton Kutcher say no to Graduate remake.  No!!!!   Egotastic:  More of Jessica Beil’s bootie in a bikini, hooray!  I’m Not Obsessed:  Hmmm, a Snakes On a Plane contest?  Gossip or Truth:  […]

Tom Arnold Wields Baseball Bat to Save Brandon ‘Greasy Bear’ Davis

According to Celebitchy, Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis is quite an act.  Apparently Brandon’s mom called up a pal, Tom Arnold, when she thought her dear boy was in a spot of trouble at a Beverly Hills hotel.  I guess they thought Davis was locked in his room & couldn’t figure out how to unlock the […]

Keith Urban Says His Life was ‘Unmanageable’ Before Rehab in Video

Country star & Nicole Kidman’s hubby, Keith Urban, released a video to fans revealing that his life was “unmanageable” before he entered rehab on October 19, 2006.  Urban admitted himself to the Betty Ford Clinic in Palm Springs, but said there was “no cataclysmic event” that led him to that action.  In the video released on a […]