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First Paparazzi Image of Britney Spears’ Jayden James!

Ha!  We finally have the first paparazzi image of Britney Spears’ latest child, Jayden James. Brit was spotted at a local Los Angeles dance studio working on choreographing a team of dancers.  It looks like Spears likes to have the fam close by for inspiration.  You go, Brit.  It’s nice to see the pop princess […]

Britney Spears Returns Home After Family Death

Once pop princess Britney Spears was spotted Thursday afternoon returning to Los Angeles with her two children, Sean Preston & Jayden James, after a death in the family. Spears left Sunday on a private jet with her two sons bound for her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana when she learned that her 59-year-old aunt Sandra Bridges Covington had succumbed to breast cancer.   Covington was Spears’ […]

Celebrific Celebrates One-Year Birthday!

  Nope, it isn’t Paris Hilton’s birthday, not that we would celebrate that these days anyway, Celebrific is celebrating its one-year birthday! Can you believe it’s been a year?  With all celebrity news we’ve reported in a year’s time, it feels like ten!  To celebrate Celebrific’s anniversary we give you a new design!  We’ve been […]

Daily Dose of Zen: Justin Timberlake at Sundance & His Third Grade Drawing

Justin Timberlake is at the Sundance Film Festival this year to promote his new movie Black Snake Moan, and interesting title to say the least, eh? Timberlake was spotted at a local Park City, Utah gift shop Wednesday showing off his (lack of) artistic talent.  My god, I think my five-year-old nephews can draw a better mountain […]

The Celebrific Lowdown

Celebitchy:  Paris Hilton is naughty & nude, again   IDLYITW:  Rachel Ray drunk?  You don’t say!  Bastardly:   God, let’s all hope that Lindsay Lohan isn’t a trendsetter  Filmsy:  School teachers can see Hilary Swank’s movie Freedom Writers for free, how nice  Egotastic:  Your day now has meaning- Penelope Cruz bikini pictures  I’m Not Obsessed:  Jessica Alba goes for the […]

Kelly Osbourne Gets Rejected By Playboy’s Hugh Hefner

Back in 2006 Kelly Osbourne expressed a strong interest in posing nude for Playboy magazine.  Kelly said she would totally go for it, but in her words, “her tits would need airbrushing.” Well, it looks like her application was received & she has been rejected by Playboy’s Hugh Hefner himself, and it wasn’t pretty. Hefner stated, “I can’t see it […]

Katie Holmes is a Stepford Wife

Isn’t Katie Holmes looking a little Stepford Wife-ish lately?  I’m just not sure what to think of her lately.  It’s like she forgot her 20’s & is now already into her 40’s.  What is up with that? Katie was spotted at the opening of a Armani shop in Paris Tuesday with none other than BFF […]