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Bourne 4 In The Works?

Matt Damon has a new movie, but is already talking about something else – a possible 4th installment for the Bourne series. While the original story only had three books, who is to stop Hollywood from creating a fourth one? Matt says that they should be filming within the next year and half or so.

Courtney Love Pissed At Activision

Yeah, the wife of former Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain is still alive and kicking – quite energetically, if I may add. She, together with other former Nirvana members, are very upset about the fact that Kurt Cobain’s character in Guitar Hero 5 is unlockable. That means that once the character is unlocked, it can be […]

Katherine Heigl Adopting A Kid

Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley are going to be parents soon – to a 10 month old bay girl. Katherine says that she is done with the idea of having her own children and doesn’t think that it’s necessary to go through “all that.” Their daughter is named Nayleigh, after […]

Sarah Jessica Parker’s $200,000 Necklace

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sex and the City character, Carrie Bradshaw has done it again. She was recently sighted wearing a necklace worth $198,200! The actress wore this necklace during her photo shoot for the latest issue of US Weekly, and does it look good. But $200,000? That’s more than an average house is worth these […]

Jon Gosselin: We Consulted With Dr. Phil

Jon Gosselin really does not know how to stop talking, does he? On Tuesday’s airing of Primetime: Family Secrets, he shared the dish on their marriage counseling experiences. He said that Kate only agreed to marriage counseling if they saw Dr. Phil. However, Jon says that the session was all about fixing the image of […]