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Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss Is Miss World 2014!

Kourtney Kardashian Has Another Boy!

Eat Like the Stars (With the Stars!)

Lindsay Lohan Bangs and Tells!

Oh how we wish we could get news like this every week. Lindsay Lohan hit another new low by writing down a list of celebrities she has slept with.

Nina Agdal Bikini Shoot Of The Week!

We had a few days without a Nina Agdal bikini shoot post and the effects were devastating. We immediately experienced withdrawal symptoms: shaky hands, the chills, the sweats, a general unwillingness to go on.

Kim Kardashian Gets $1M Every Year She’s Married To Kanye

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are currently in the middle of finalizing their prenup before their wedding this summer. West didn’t even want one at first and was more than willing to give Kim full access to all his finances.

5 Reasons Why Tila Tequila Is A Nut Job

Where do we start?! It’s no secret that everything Tila Tequila does spells trouble, so we’re putting some of her blunders on the spotlight, which, hopefully, might serve as a wake up call to her and her wild ways…

The Ugliest Celebrity Divorces

Love is a beautiful thing. Thanks to Hollywood, we get the chance to share the romance between two celebrities. However, there are relationships that don’t have happy endings and it gets really ugly when the rich and famous decide to end their marriages. Here are some of the worst celebrity divorces we’ve seen so far. […]