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Living life in the spotlight can take a toll on celebrities. While it may all look like fun and games, they face an enormous amount of criticism and hostility from their so-called biggest fans. Getting haircuts or running to the store in pajamas can result in exposure on the fronts of magazines. Celebrities are just […]

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Celebrities are not usually known for their subtlety. Why can blame them? If you made as much money as the average celebrity, would you channel all your money away into investment and college accounts for your children? Would you live a life of simplicity and only spend the money that you needed to survive? Most […]

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Although cosmetic surgery is a relatively common thing that is undergone by many different people, it seems like it’s made a huge deal when celebrities decide to go under the knife. There are many different reasons people undergo plastic surgery, each of which shouldn’t be judged by another. The choice is up to the individual, […]

How Celebrities Are Using Crowdfunding In Their Own Lives

Celebrities are using crowdfunding often, to raise money to create new television shows or to make sequels to movies. Even rock stars have used crowdfunding to put out their next albums. It’s the way you make money these days, for entertainment and for life. Whether they are using the popular names in crowdfunding sites, or […]