What Happened to Our Pal, Val?

  Val Edward Kilmer, born December 31, 1959 in the sleepy little town of Los Angeles. He stole our hearts in 'Willow'; charmed us in 'Tombstone' and brought tears to these very eyes in "A Salton Sea." What has happened to the sexy, mysterious man we longed to touch & to save? … [Read more...]

Curious George O’Dowd

Being a celeb has its many dues- fame, fortune, being a perpetual guest on SNL and of course, all the chocolate you could ever want. But do you know what really gets me? What I would want most of all? The undeniable ability to get out of troublesome situations, aka- the ability … [Read more...]

Destiny’s Destiny Remains Undefined

Well, it looks like the Beyonce troupe will never say goodbye. It all just feels so familiar, like the '72 Bowie retirement announcement, or the Kiss goodbye, or even the Eagles, The Who and the all-time cakesniffer herself, Cher. Last November Jimmy Kimmel dedicated an entire … [Read more...]

Straight from Punxsutawney Phil, Six More Weeks of Winter

  Straight from Gobbler's Knob, Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow. In a tradition going on 120 years, the Philadelphia resident celebrity groundhog has proclaimed six more weeks of this grueling winter season. In an eloquent, impromptu speech, Phil stilled the audience … [Read more...]

About Celebrific

Who doesn’t love celebrities? They love to dress up, live extravagantly and do crazy things (a lot of the time at least). Well, watching and talking about Tinseltown’s favourite personalities is what Celebrific is all about. Featuring a “Hot Woman of the Day” every … [Read more...]