Bling Up Your Facebook Timeline with InstaCover

InstaCover Facebook Cover Photo

InstaCover Facebook Cover Photo Johnny Depp

Do you have the “new” Facebook Timeline yet? If so, how would you like to have a blinged up Timeline with a cover photo that looks something like the image you can see above? (Yes, Johnny Depp is high up on my list of admirable men.)

There is nothing that screams “fan” like a collage of your favorite actor, actress, TV show, or movie – among many other interests. And with how the Facebook Timeline is designed, you can easily let the entire world know about what makes you tick – if you want them to.

Here’s a new web service that will certainly get you all excited to play around with your Facebook Timeline cover photo: InstaCover.

The web service is totally free, and you only need to log in using your Facebook account.

InstaCover Web Site

InstaCover Web Site

InstaCover, similar to most other Facebook applications, will ask you for authorization to be linked with your Facebook account. From there, you will be taken to a control panel where you can create Facebook cover photos to your heart’s content.

What’s convincing about InstaCover? Ever heard of the iOS app Instagram? Your favorite celebrity probably uses an iPhone, and the chances are that you have seen countless Instagram photos from/of them!

Well, InstaCover puts together the beauty of Instagram and Facebook. With the web service, you can create cover photos worthy of any celebrity web site using Instagram photos. You can always go for your own Instagram photos, but you can also opt to use categories and tags to use photos that have been taken and uploaded by other users. This definitely gives you more choices.

Can’t get of Iron Man (or Tony Stark, or Robert Downey Jr.)? You can have this (or something similar) as your photo cover if you use InstaCover.

Iron Man InstaCover

Iron Man InstaCover

Alternatively, with The Hunger Games getting rave reviews, you might be obsessing about it by now.
Hunger Games InstaCover

Hunger Games InstaCover

How to get those cover photos?

Easy does it. Simply visit InstaCover, log in using your Facebook details, enter the tags or categories that you want to use, preview your new cover photo, and either tweak it or use it. Alternatively, if you prefer your Instagram account, just enter your ID.

What are you waiting for?


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