Tom Cruise Gets Rockin’ and Rollin’

Guess who’s growing his top gun locks into a rocker coif? Tom Cruise is now sporting a rather dishevelled do in preparation for his new project “ Rock of Ages”. Yeap, you read that right, he’s diving in for the musicals. After his dancing antics, he’s pretty sure to get into the singing soon.

Tom just recently received the Humanitarian Award at the 2011 Wiesenthal Center National Tribute Dinner in Beverly Hills. The Jewish organization prouds itself for its human rights advocacy on confronting racism. The actor was cited and honored for being a dedicated philantrophist.

Now back to the music, 48 year old Cruise is playing the role of Stacie Jaxx and excitedly claims he has been learning a lot of things lately to do his role some good justice. Having no musical experience with a guitar, he has been juggling lessons between electric guitar, acoustic guitar and singing! Kinda hard to imagine Tom Cruise belting out in screams and a pair of pleather tight jeans. Ha! Rock of Ages is slated to start shooting this month.

You gotta hand it to the guy who jumps on a couch wrapped in a total lovestruck high and marries this doe-eyed long lithed cutie who’s idolized him for years. And then, he buys his own sonogram machine to monitor his first born, yet still manages to flip allover along his new age beliefs. The man certainly has his own thing going.

Giving a bit of a hint on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise is definitely keen to see how his co-produced film will reflect a new and distinct impression from its past sequels. The movie is scheduled for it’s release in December 2011.

Photo Credit: Flame80

Photo Credit: Tom Cruise e Katie Holmes


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