Miley Cyrus Versus Selena Gomez, Part Deux

Just when we thought these ladies had nothing to do with each other anymore, Miley Cyrus goes and throws shade at Selena Gomez!

Miley Cyrus disses Selena Gomez

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During the twerk diva’s stop at Milan, she holds up a photo of Selena with a cardboard body, while singing her anger-laden anthem “FU.”

Though the lyrics are more fitting for an a-hole of an ex, it seems that Miley was passionate in singing the tune to an inanimate version of the fellow Disney alum.

“See, I’m not really down with this. This ain’t no texting s—. Know I got no biz, but it is what it is,” she belts out.

What gives?

Miley Cyrus disses Selena Gomez

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