Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth:Officially “On” again …at least for now.

Certainly we all know Miley is no longer that sweet teen we’ve all adored as Hannah Montana. She’s all grown up and by golly, she has indeed grown into a lovely young woman in her own element. Sure enough she’s going to have boy issues at some point, as the young lass tries to keep a good balance on her career and personal life.

As it is, Miley is down under in Oz land doing her Gypsy heart tour with at least 7 more stops and shows under her arm to complete. The juice comes straight off from Miley’s older brother Trace who confirms his sister is officially back in the arms of her ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

The couple called it quits August of last year but fans have seen them photographed together again last November. Word has it they have been doing the run about with the on-off thing leaving fans wondering if they can even keep up with their relationship.

Her on and off 21 year old beau is currently on set break from his upcoming movie “ The Hunger Games”. The movie has him playing next to Woody Harrelson and Jennifer Lawrence with the crew still filing in North Carolina.

While on her tour in Sydney, shutterbugs have spotted Miley and Liam last Sunday just hanging like old times . Being an Australian, we’re guessing Liam found this a perfect opportunity to show Miley around his native city. They were seen browsing at a Far East- style home décor and clothing store and a were followed onto a noodle restaurant chain having lunch. If they manage not to split up in the next few weeks, Liam may just as well catch Miley on the last leg of her tour down under in Perth on July 2.

Aaah, young love. Such a sweet time to revel in confusion and that one big quest even us grown ups still are clueless about … we all want to know what love is! But, hey it’s all about the journey and it’s pit stops that make the adventure worth writing about in our memoirs . Til then we’re crossing our fingers and hope the couple sort out this little thing called love.

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  1. spent the Holiday weekend hanging out with special friend Last Song co-star Liam Hemsworth and his family in Melbourne Austrialia.

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