Justin Bieber And Rascal Flatts Debut “That Should Be Me” Video

justin bieber with rascal flatts

Fresh off his new haircut and an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber appeared on Monday beside Rascal Flatts for their duo music debut.

The song “That Should Be Me” is included on Bieber’s new album Newer Say Never: The Remixes.

Justin on March 12th appeared on the Rascal Flatts special ‘Nothing Like This’ where a clip from ‘That Should Be Me’ was shown along with a short interview starring the teen heartthrob.

Check out the video below:

So Bieber fans, what do you think of the remix video? Is it better, just as good or worse than the original? Who am I kidding, Bieber fans always think his next move is his best, well perhaps other than his recent haircut choice.