Joss Stone : Police uncover a murder plot on the singer

The price of fame and fortune can be steep for  any celebrity at any point in their lives.  Some may be lucky to have been able to gain from their stature , and yet some … fall in too deep to even fish themselves out. And yet there are those who just happen to be in the area and get snagged.

This is what may have been the case with British Musician Joss Stone.  BBC  News reports of two men who are currently held by authorities on suspicion of conspiracy to rob and probably murder  Joss Stone in her Devon home. Both suspects are from Manchester, England.

Sources say that neighbours noticed a suspicious looking vehicle parked on the premises of the singer’s residence and made it a point to call and report the activity to the police.  Although no one knows if Stone was in her home when the men were arrested, but the sultry singer confirms she was aware of them and that she was absolutely fine and trying to get on with her life as normal.

Police reports  have compelling evidence of a murderous plot having found swords, ropes, forensic style overalls and a body bag in possession of the two suspects ages, 33 and 30. Aside from these, the men also had detailed maps and aerial photographs of Stone’s rural home.

The Detective Inspector handling the case reassures they are currently carrying out patrols and would like to make it known that no properties have been robbed and no individuals have been harmed.


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