Jive Records Tears Up David Archuleta Contract

David Archuleta No Longer With Jive Records

David Archuleta started out his post-American Idol career with a disc, an appearance on i-Carly and a loyal fan base, but that fame has quickly come to an end for the 19-year-old singer.

Archuleta’s first album, released nearly 3 years ago went platinum, however his follow-up record, last September’s The Other Side of Down has sold just 67,000 copies to date.

Upon release of the album David said:

“I hope this album helps people understand more of where I’m coming from as an artist and as a person. It’s about moving forward in life, making progress in accomplishing your goals and dreams while appreciating what life has given you.

The kid can’t act either which means we probably won’t be seeing much more from Archuleta.


  1. Bwahaha.
    David Archuleta has mind of his own. Congrats on getting out of the bondage from the label that lost so much money and staff members. His record that caused some conflict with the label is a pretty good self biography at 19, although Jive wanted a more trash record. Sorry, Jive failed to turn him to Britney 2.0, sex toy!!
    About you, celebrific, whoever you are, I have one thing to say. Those who walk in the darkness will never see the light. Feel sorry for your job/life to make a living by writing garbage.

  2. Nice of JIVE to blame David for the lack of sales, when it was not his fault, but theirs. “The Other Side of Down” is actually very good! But JIVE did no promo whatsoever for it. I think he was on 2 small TV shows and that was it! They didn’t push his singles to radio, so they got no radio play. And therefore, no one knows the CD exists until now! Unbelievably stupid label. David is so much better off without them…JIVE also has executive shakeups, with the CEO and David’s A&R rep leaving as TOSO was being released. David didn’t have management, either. Factor in over 300K illegal downloads, and it could be a career killer.

    But David’s amazingly talented with a strong devoted fanbase (who needs to learn not to rip his music off. Grr. ). I have no doubt that another label will snap him up. I just hope it’s a competent one.

  3. What a nasty person you are. Even if what you said is true, there would be no need to be so hateful about it. The fact is though that David made the decision to part ways with Jive. They made offers to him to stay and he decided he needed to move on because Jive as a company is changing and David wanted to go in a different direction. If you watched his video blog today you would know that.

  4. Peter "Paparazzi" Fielder says:

    No 67,000 albums sold made the decision, regardless of what Archuleta does to spin the facts. Any artist with those sales would be dropped from a major label given the tons of money they put into producing the albums.

  5. Sorry. Your article about @DavidArchie is incorrect! HE decided it was time for change! Watch! http://bit.ly/gfKfVn Thanks

  6. Chris Franklin says:

    I’m not taking his word, he sold a dismal amount of records, Jive has dropped MANY artists for the same reason.

  7. from what you said about the comments here, you’re actually saying saying he’s a liar then? now that’s pretty low of you. HE chosen to leave THEM! it’s the other way around here. the only reason his album didn’t sell is because they didn’t promote it at all without even trying, it’s their job to promote it well which they didn’t. Jive is having problems as it is and it’s not the artists fault. don’t say stuff that’s senseless and false like this and stop being arrogant.

  8. First of all, your article is somewhat hateful. Secondly, your article is clearly wrong. JIVE didn’t drop David. They made offers for him to stay, and he chose to part ways. Please see his latest vlog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0UY9H3vMTM

    No sensationalism there for ya. Sorry.

  9. Furthermore, JIVE is the reason that “The Other Side of Down” didn’t sell well. It is a great album! Everyone who’s heard it knows this, and likes it. But they didn’t lift a finger to promote it. At all. David made 2 tiny TV appearances, and that was it. Nor did they push his singles to radio, some of which were definitely hit-worthy. People can’t buy songs they’ve never heard, and they can’t hear them without label support. That’s the story.

    Also, JIVE wanted David to be someone that he’s not, and to go the Bieber route. They had no idea how to market David. So they just…didn’t. He basically hasn’t been in the public eye for 2 years, which didn’t help. But I have no doubt whatsoever that he’ll find the right label match for him. And his awesome fanbase will be there when he does.

  10. David is not going away, he is the most talented young artist out there, he is the real deal. One of the classiest people too, unlike some of the people posting here and the writer of this article. You do not have your facts straight and any criticism you offer only reflects your limited knowledge and ignorance when it comes to this amazing young man. David is here to stay, his worldwide fanbase will support him all the way. He definitely should be heard and truly makes a positive difference in the world.
    I have the utmost admiration and respect for him. An album with no promotion cannot sell well, not too difficult to figure out. Anyone who has followed David’s career knows the whole scenario. The future is bright for David, he is meant to be. Simply a phenomenal artist and vocalist, not to mention a young man of great character, compassion and integrity. David left his label and his management, a wise move on his part. He will make the right decisions for himself, he is a very smart young man.
    Amazing artist and human being, he deserves the best.

  11. Chris Franklin says:

    His “Worldwide Fan Base” Only bought 67,000 albums. He was ditched by his album, it happens all the time for artists that are expected to produce much bigger numbers given the money that gets put into producing their albums.