Jay-Z Debuts Headphones, Pimps Them Out With Three Color Options

Jay-Z Headphones

Jay-Z has announced a new pair of over-the-ear headphones, but his units aren’t coming courtesy of Monster which partnered with Dr. Dre to create Beats By Dre (also partnered with P.Diddy and Lady Gaga), instead Jay-Z has teamed up with audio provider Skullcandy.

Jay-Z offers three pairs of headsets which only differ in their color choices: white, black and brown.

Jay-Z had this to say about his Roc Nation / Skullcandy partnership:

“Our passion is creating amazing music. We’re dedicated to delivering the best in live performances and now with the Roc Nation / Skullcandy partnership, we’re offering the best way for people to experience the soundtrack of their lives.”

The headphones are available for immediate purchase and will hit your pocket book for $149.95.

In the meantime, I’ll be rocking it out on my amazing Beats By Dre headphones.