Kim Kardashian Might Take Role In Gotti Biopic

Kim Kardashian Posing - Bra Showing

Kim Kardashian may soon branch out from her Reality TV empire, taking on a rumored role as John Gotti’s wife in an upcoming Gotti biopic.

Kardashian has taken on several roles including a part in Disaster Movie and a role on CSI: NY, however the rumored role as Kim Gotti would be her biggest big screen opportunity to date.

Kim spent 21 years with John Gotti before his death and had six children with her husband. Throughout their marriage John Gotti was hunted by the U.S. Government who tried unsuccessfully on three separate occasions to charge him with racketeering charges.

Also reported to be involved are John Travolta and James Franco who will play John Sr. and John Jr.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian in the role of Kim Gotti?