’21 Jump Street’ Cameo For Johnny Depp

21 Jump Street Movie

Johnny Depp has announced that he would be willing to make a cameo appearance in the upcoming 21 Jump Street movie.

The movie, being produced by Columbia Pictures stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum and is based directly off the popular ’80s TV series that gave Depp his Hollywood start.

When asked if he wanted Depp to appear in the film, Jonah said:

“We wrote a cameo for him, so we hope he does it.

MTV News interviewed Johnny Depp this past week and he said of the role:

“I’ve said I’m into it, but no one’s actually approached me…I’m in. I’m in,” while adding “I think it’d be pretty easy.”

Here’s the clip of Depp admitting he would take on a cameo role in the movie:

Are you excited to see Johnny Depp in his original role if his cameo comes to fruition?