Three Well Known Hollywood Talents Left Out Of Oscar In Memoriam Montage

Corey Haim - Left Out Of Oscar In Memoriam Montage

As Oscars night 2011 drew to a close a bit of controversy arose after it was pointed out that three well known Hollywood talents were left off the shows “In Memoriam” montag which highlights top Hollywood mainstays who passed since the last Academy Awards show.

Last year Farrah Fawcett was left off the montage and this year Corey Haim, who died of an accidental drug overdose on March 10, 2010 was not seen, just as he was left off the SAG Awards’ own In Memoriam.

Also missing was Peter Graves who died of a heart attack just four days after Haims and All In The Family’s Betty Garrett who passed earlier this month on February 12, 2011.

We understand that the Academy has the right to pick and choose who they include in their In Memoriam, but all three of those one-time Hollywood stars appeared in iconic film and TV roles from Lost Boys to Mission: Impossible (TV Series) to Laverne and Shirley.


  1. Since Betty Garrett died in 2011, she’d be eligble for inclusion in next year’s ceremony… no idea why Haim & Graves were left out – perhaps so the camera could spend more time focussing on Celine as she sang?

  2. What the hell? It takes seconds to flash a name and a picture. We know this because we saw the names and pictures of people from editors to agents, but they can’t scrape up a picture of Maury Chaykin? Corey Haim? Peter Graves? Betty Garrett? Etcetera? There are lots of greats who passed in the last year. If the Academy can’t be bothered with them, maybe I can’t be bothered with the Academy. Razzberry to you!