The Circle of Paris Hilton, Shanna Moakler & Travis Barker

shanna-moakler-travis-barker-paris-hilton.JPGI’m sure you saw the Paris Hilton & Travis Barker necking video yesterday, if not check it out here. 

If you survived that hormone-driven monstrosity, here’s a little background.  When Paris Hilton stepped into LA club Hyde September 7, one night after the DUI arrest, she drew her eyes (and lips) immediately around the newly single Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker.

According to one clubber, “People were shocked and stared.”

“They looked like a full-on couple. They kept sneaking in little kisses. He had a smile on his face that went from ear to ear.”

Travis recently separated from his Meet the Barkers costar Shanna Moakler in August of this year and she didn’t take the news too well, as she once considered Paris a friend.
“For Travis to go with her is like a double whammy, Shanna said.

“I feel like it was done out of spite. I don’t think he could’ve been more hurtful.”
Hilariously Hilton told the public that it was simply a case of mistaken identity, “I did not make out with Travis Barker. I was with his friend Alex, who I met that night. It’s nothing serious. He looks like Travis, he has tattoos all over his arms, and he has a mohawk. People must have confused him with Travis.”
I’m not buying it.  You?