Prince Harry’s Royal Vegas Romp

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When it comes to having fun, Prince Harry is the one royal that really knows how to party.

Now that TMZ scored big on this one, the Queen is truly miffed!

But the redhead Prince’s Vegas stunts don’t end at strip poker, earlier in the night he even challenge US Olympian Ryan Lochte to race in the hotel’s pool . You can bet Ryan Lochte saying “Jeah!” by the end of it.  Lochte says Prince Harry was “really a nice guy, he was really talkative and he just wanted to meet me”.

Prince Harry and Olympian Ryan Lochte enjoying an impromptu race at the Wynn hotel’s XS Nightclub pool.

Prince Harry is set to face the Queen’s wrath now that the UK tabloids are set abuzzed by the naked Prince’s antics. Obviously, his royal minders did not do a good job watching out for Prince Harry during his wild Vegas weekend.

The scandalous snaps of Prince Harry were shot by one of the party girls during a naughty game of ‘strip billiards.’ Harry was left standing with nothing more than his wrist watch and his amber-stone necklace from his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy. The Prince was quite modest enough to cover his crown jewels with his hand.