Paris Hilton Smokes Pot In South Africa, Gets Arrested


Hotel heiress Paris Hilton hasn’t gotten much attention lately, but her newest antic is one of the dumbest incidents I’ve heard in months and deserves mentioning. Hilton was arrested mid-way through the Brazil vs. Netherlands World Cup quarterfinals match after it was discovered she was smoking pot in the middle of the match.

Police at Nelson Mandela Stadium arrested and later released the Simple Life star.

Unfortunately city officials haven’t released much information about her short stay in their prison system with a Port Elizabeth Police spokesperson stating:

”There is an inquiry. I don’t want to comment further.”

Eyewitness News of South Africa posted on their Twitter account:

“EWN can officially confirm that socialite Paris Hilton has been arrested on a drug related charge and will appear in court later tonight.”

After her DUI arrest and two week prison stay in 2007 you would think she would learn to be more cautious, instead she went to another country where she doesn’t know their laws and smoked pot in front of tens of thousands of people. The stupidity of the spoiled heiress continues!

Here’s photo proof of Paris’ appreciation for toking up:

Paris Hilton Smoking Marijuana


  1. let the bitch smoke a bowl!? goddamn. oh fuckin well. its better than a DUI right!?