Paris Hilton’s 32nd Birthday Marred by Boyfriend’s Ski Accident

Paris Hilton couldn’t care less about her injured boyfriend River Viiperi.


Perhaps for Paris a ski slope accident is definitely a perfect moment to take a selfie which she posted on social media.

The ghastly injury was caused by a ski piercing the model’s leg. Blood came gushing out and the bone was visible through the wound.


“I had to stitch my leg yesterday because of what happened to me while we was skiing tweeted. But I’m better now and thanks to my lovely @ParisHilton who always taking such a good care of me.” River tweeted after getting some nasty 19 stitches to close the wound.


Luckily, for the former Simple Life star her male model boyfriend is now in recovery and will be on crutches for the next 2 months.


“After seeing the gash on @RiverViiperi’s leg, I almost passed out. I have never seen a cut that deep in my life. He is so brave, I can’t even imagine the pain he went through today.” The hotel heiress tweeted.

Paris Hilton at LAX with River Viiperi on crutches

The couple was last seen leaving the hospital together. What a way to cap off the celebrations of Paris Hilton’s 32nd birthday!