Pamela Anderson & Kid Rock Multiple Marriages

pamela_anderson2.jpgSo as a porn star you might act out multiple orgasms (and you would have to be acting to touch nasty K Rock anyway) & as a former Baywatch star you might want to then have multiple marriages to the same individual.  And that’s just what Pamela Anderson & Kid Rock are planning to do.  The couple is doing it everywhere & experiencing multiple sensations.

Anderson is set to marry Kid Rock, real name Robert Ritchie, in a French ceremony aboard a yacht in St. Tropez this weekend.

The couple are then planning on walking down the aisle another three times in the US.  Well, practice does make multiple perfect, or so I hear.  Pam & Kid will tie the knot in Malibu, Detriot & Nashville.

Anderson reveals, “We are going to have a couple of weddings.

“We have to do Malibu. We have to do Detriot. And we are going to do Nashville. We are starting (this weekend) in the south of France.”

She adds of any pre-wedding jitters, “I am fine. I am not nervous. It is a good decision.”

Won’t it be funny after all these damn weddings when Kid & Pam only make it a year.  Are they the going to have four divorces?