Naomi Campbell Just Can’t Quit Acting a Fool

Naomi Campbell.bmp

Naomi Campbell is the Continual Dumb Ass of the Week award winner.  The superfreak & supermodel was arrested yesterday in the wee hours of the morning after screaming at her ex-boyfriend Badr Jafar outside his London residence.

The 36-year-old superfreak who recently broke up with Arab prince Jafar went to his home at 3:30am yesterday to pick up some of her belongings.  Yep, 3:30 in the morning sounds like just the time to pick up your stuff, but only after several bottles of Jack Daniels I would imagine.

When Jafar refused to let the crazy bitch in, if I may be so bold, Campbell in her so famous now fashion began screaming & shouting so loud that she woke up his exclusive neighbors who in turn thanked Campbell for the early alarm clock by calling the police.

London police officers (who I’m sure were the singing & dancing kind) arrested Campbell for ‘breach of the peace’ before driving the supermodel to a nearby road & de-arresting her (did she promise lap dances?) once she calmed down. 

The men in uniform then returned to Jafar’s house with Naomi (I love London coppers) for to collect her belongings without all the screaming & shouting- I feel like it was more of a tap dance & sing-a-long approach they probably used.

Superfreak Campbell made headlines last week when she caused $54,000 worth of damage to Jafar’s yacht after an intense argument with an Italian chef.  I wonder if the chef is still employed by the prince?

Naomi has been a busy girl, as she also has three lawsuits pending, all filed from former employees who claim the superfreak assaulted them.

What a redneck.  May this story give you happiness this weekend & may it cause you to reflect that no matter how things get, at least you’re not a crazy bitch like Naomi Campbell.