Miley Cyrus Dolls. Guys, Behave. They’re Sold Out Already

In a new twist on monetizing the now already 27′ long fame of Miley Cyrus some smart guys in the UK, who clearly were wearing online glasses, looking at dollar signs on their screen, now risked to get sued.

Sued by Miley Cyrus. Over a doll of the teen celebrity.

Read that again: sued over a doll. By Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus

Isn’t she a cutie? Sorry, I got sidetracked for a second… or seventeen.

But the doll in case isn’t an ordinary Miley Cyrus doll, nor is the star wearing glasses, this doll has been flying of the shelves and was sold out within 48 hours according to a spokes person of Pipedream Products, the doll’s manufacturer. Sold out minus some which have been taken off the shelves for legal reasons. Legal reasons before adolescents and basement dwellers online could order it from Amazon, which sold it the doll for around $28 in the US.

We of course understand that everyone, when mum’s not cleaning out the IT and bat cave, prefers to shop Amazon for dolls, rather than ordering online glasses, but I think you guys have been pushing a little too hard and crossed the boundary this time. As if your Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue and other celebrity dolls on that cubicle desk weren’t enough yet, this time you needed to expand the collection with a Finally Miley piece?

That truly goes too far, guys.

The star, barely 18 and fresh from the recent Bong scandal, all you can think off is…

Give the girl a break, guys!

Miley Cyrus Marie Claire (March 2011)

It’s not her fault that every year she gets better and better looking, is it? You even don’t need to put your glasses on to see that and we can’t blame you for liking her. But you have to know when and where to stop.

‘Yes mum! Five more minutes and I’m coming to eat!’

Did I really say that these dolls were sold out already? That was no lie, no no. Unless of course you’re slightly smarter and want to check Amazon to get your piece of Finally Miley. Be quick though because rumor goes, according to The Sun, that the Hannah Montanna star is ready to sue and even the smartest one of you will need to order online glasses if you don’t react NOW!

But we don’t want to force you to buy dolls of Miley! And we’re not the only ones who think that way, also Tiger does think you guys have gone too far. Asked about his thought on the Miley dolls Tiger reacted:

The dolls? sold out guys. And don’t check at work or we’ll have to tell Tiger to come and chat with you!