Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Leon Goes Shopping with her Dad in Soho

Madonna’s clone Lourdes Leon was snapped with her rarely seen dad Carlos Leon, Madonna’s former personal trainer and first baby daddy. Lourdes’ is obviously a daddy’s girl!


The two kept warm with knitted cowls around their necks, and zipped up their layered looks in jackets.


Carlos’ blonde girlfriend played the third wheel as the father and daughter took some much needed bonding time.



Lourdes is very much like her mother Madonna, she has her eye on the Queen of Pop’s throne.


She has her vocals on the hit tune I’m Addicted and Superstar from Madonna’s MDNA album. And her own clothing line, Material Girl, and a cosmetics line as well.


Finally, the two ended up checking out the latest kicks at the  Adidas store.


  1. Surely all children are ‘clones’ of one or both parents! Secondly Carlos is not ‘rarely’ seen. Madonna has always made sure he has been an integral part of Lola’s life from the beginning. Even when she lived with Guy and Madonna in London Carlos was a regular visitor and she often stayed with him in New York. Lola has seen more of her paternal grandparents too than she has Madonna’s. Living permanently in NYC since Tge divorce in 2008 Lola sees her dad at least twice a week and has done for the past 5 years so there is no ‘much-needed bonding’. This story and pics appeared in the Mailonline early Monday. It’s not good to draw from them! They don’t do their homework. For example they stated Lola’s vocals appeared on ‘I’m Addicted’. They do not! In fact as someone commented on the Mail item, they appear on the track ‘Superstar’. Now you have written they appear on both tracks. Chinese whispers? Only on Superstar, fact! It’s worth mentioning that Lola still has a great relationship with Guy, whom she called Super-dad. So all praise should go to Madonna for ensuring Lola not only has had a strong father- presence in her life but has the added bonus of knowing that her mum and Carlos have a strong bond. Madonna calls him her ‘rock’.