Lindsay Lohan gets cuffed again

Lindsay Lohan screws up again.

The actress has skipped too many hours of community service, which was part of her probationary sentence. I mean, really, how hard is it for her to drop by a Woman’s Center a few days a week? But nooo, she rarely went, and even when she did, she skipped out after an hour or an hour and a half.

So the Los Angeles judge finally felt enough was enough, revoked her probation, and set $100,000 bail. If the next hearing doesn’t go her way, Lindsay could end up in jail. To “mitigate” any sentence that she may have to serve, the judge ordered her to do service at a morgue. (That should be interesting.)

So Lindsay was cuffed by a deputy and escorted out of the court. Naturally she posted bail, which could hurt the pocket considering she hasn’t had any decent work lately. Frankly if I were her mother I would’ve let her spend some time behind bars. She needs a wake up call. Never mind all her lawyer’s pleading that she’d been doing well as a volunteer (in the little time she actually did it) and was dutifully attending her Shoplifters’ Avoidance class. Her report said, “She exhibited a very positive attitude and was more than willing to complete each and every written assignment on a timely basis. We believe that she has acquired new skills to resist the impulse to take things that don’t belong to her.”

Yeah, and the dog ate my homework.