Larry Birkhead Father of Anna Nicole Smith Baby

Breaking News: Anna Nicole Smith Dead


Larry Birkhead, the self-proclaimed father of Anna Nicole Smith’s newborn daughter (paternity test in the future?), says Anna Nicole ran away to the Bahamas to give birth to get away from him.

The celebrity photographer & journalist dated the Playboy playmate for an on-and-off again two years. Birkhead also stated that Smith forced him to keep his parental status a secret and ran off to the Caribbean to have their child.

“I’ve never had a person take off and run away from me, especially to another country,” Birkhead revealed.

“I found out through friends” (that the baby was born), Birkhead said.

“I’ve had to stay glued to the TV. The reason why, I was told, she went to the Bahamas was, I guess if a baby is born in the Bahamas and the mother is a resident of the Bahamas, I think it would be harder for a father who wanted to participate in a baby’s life to be able to do so,” he added.

Larry says he longs to see both mother & child and he’s even taken infant-care classes and child CPR classes to prepare for his possible dad experience.

Well, if that’s true, you gotta hand it to him. It looks like he’s dedicated enough to be a daddy.