Lady Gaga Rides a Bike

The idea of biking in some haute couture piece sounds uncomfortable and cumbersome, but Lady Gaga couldn’t care less and she hit the streets of Copenhagen in a black Victorian-inspired frock that made her hips look humongus.

She pedaled about barefoot with her notorious bodyguards in tow, making sure any autograph hounding fan who plans to approach her would get the infamous hotel security assault treatment.

The shopaholic singer went around some vintage stores and rounded up no less than 21 shopping bags of clothes and accessories.

Danish fans had no hard time recognizing Lady Gaga as she went about Copenhagen wearing white-rimmed feline sunglasses and an outlandish hairy headpiece.

On her Born This Way tour in Germany, she even enjoyed a bit of sightseeing even trying out a pint of the local pilsen, Lady Gaga is quite the celebrity tourist.


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