Kylie Minogue Teddy Bear Photo Removed From Facebook [WTF]

Kylie Minogue Teddy Bear Picture

So get this, singer Kylie Minogue put a photo of herself holding a giant teddy bear and a microphone on her Facebook page and the social networking site removed it!

Okay, so maybe the microphone is in an oddly placed spot (look at the photo and you’ll notice what I mean immediately), but calling the photo too racy for the site when I see bent over girls in thongs that remain in place, seems a little over the top.

According to Facebook:

“We do not allow photos that contain nudity, drug use or violence.”

Which really doesn’t explain why the photo was pulled since it doesn’t contain any of the above mentioned stipulations for photos.

The teddy bear was given to Minogue by a fan while she was performing at the famous “G-A-Y” Nightclub in London.

Have you had any seamlessly innocent photos pulled? If you have let us know about them in our comments section.


  1. Who knows maybe teddy bear is whispering hot sweet nothing in Kylie’s ear and unlike you and me the people at Facebook can hear and see everything, so of course them wenches are blushing all the way from here to Bondi beach, Sydney, Australia.

    One day teddy bear is going to put out a sex video and then we’ll all be blushing…