Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Booty Grabbin’ PDA in Miami

Kim Kardashian was pretty much on cue when her nails clawed right into Kanye’s butt cheek, giving it a tight squeeze under the rainy Miami weather.

The curvilicious 31-year-old rocked in a leather mini and silk shirt paired off in killer black heels as she strolled around in Miami with Kanye who was still in his sweats. Kim was hiding her peepers behind huge $750 sunglasses by designer Rick Owens.

The pair have been very busy apart- Kanye was recently at Paris Fashion Week, while Kim was on a promo tour in Australia.

Yet the two reunited over the week with Kanye showering Kim with his luxury love offerings which Kim tweeted, ‘The Louis Vuitton Don strikes again! #lovingmygoodiesfromParis.’

As seen from the photos, Kim is flashing her new bling a cuff bracelet and Louis Vuitton clutch purse. The fashionable twosome plan to start a fashion line together, a move that will definitely ‘seal their relationship’.

Shady friends share the same shady style from KimK’s twitter feed.