Kevin Federline Steps Up to the Plate While Britney Spears Unravels


As Britney Spears left rehab for a second time Wednesday, after spending less than 24 hours in the Promises rehab center, estranged husband Kevin Federline has been working behind the scenes to not only care for their two sons, but to also take custody away from the unraveling Spears.

28-year-old Federline & his mother, with Brit’s mom Lynne, have joined up forces to aid K-Fed in caring for 17-month-old Sean Preston & 5-month-old Jayden James.  Looks like team Federline may be winning this round, which I don’t think many people would have forecasted, though it looks like player Kevin isn’t holding up too well.  

According to a K-Fed pal, Kevin may be cracking up himself, “He is beyond sad.”

“This is the worst week of his entire life. He doesn’t even want to pick up the phone. Things are beyond not well with Britney, and he still loves her.”

He still loves her, eh?  That is interesting & I’m not quite sure if I believe that statement, ole pal.

But don’t underestimate Federline, as he has asked for an emergency custody hearing Thursday in front of a Los Angeles judge. 

According to a team Federline insider, Kevin made a call to his mother Julie Bleak on Valentine’s Day asking for her help in caring for the children.  Mamma Bleak flew to L.A. the following day, the same day actually that 25-year-old Spears checked into the first rehab center.  Louisiana native, Lynne Spears, has also been helping K-Fed care for the children, aiding in round-the-clock care with the Federlines.

A team Spears source revealed that Brit has been thankful for Kevin taking care of the kids, as she doesn’t want to scare them in her current condition, saying, “Britney’s family feels that Kevin has been a blessing and they are very impressed with Kevin taking so much responsibility.”

“Britney’s family found out from the news this morning that Britney had left the rehab. Britney has not asked to see the kids because she knows she is not well and she does not want to scare Preston. She has no credit cards or cash. She is basically on the run at the moment.”

Woman on the run…….  Team Spears really needs to seek some damn mental health.  If anyone sees a bald Brit on the streets, you are freeking obliged to send her, in cuffs if you have to, to the nearest mental health center.  Team Spears is losing, folks, we cannot let this continue.  Poor Britney, she’s so totally lost right now & is acting so bipolar.  Chin up, crazypants Brit.

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