Katy Perry’s Dress Bulge Stirs Possible Baby Bump ?

You gotta hand it to the press  cameras to catch all the ugly angles of celebrities and conjure major rumors based on mere bad photo ops. This time around, Katy Perry gets to loop herself into a web of pregnancy talk due to a slight bulge on her belly.

The 27 yr old singer made it very clear that she and husband comedian Russell  Brand have no immediate plans of having a baby. Not now…..and may hold off on it for a lot longer.

You would wonder what makes women these days obsess over weight and dress sizes. An ill fitting dress will find the media cutting up a clueless celebrity from having an eating disorder to bad taste  and of course that favourite gossiping gasp of pregnancy.

Sadly enough, Katy had to admit that she was enjoying one too many heists with New York’s finest gastronomic experiences and hence, her body of proof came in the form of a bloated belly  bulge.  Obviously, this only means there shall be no bloating allowed in Hollywood!  All you shrinks out there can just capitalize on the media that feeds so much pressure on celebrities’ minds  about enjoying cheeseburgers and pizza.

As it is, Christina Aguilera also got slammed for an ill fitting dress she  wore for the American Music Awards.  Hopefully, not every celebrity gets pregnancy write up each time they decide to binge and bloat themselves to media destruction.



Photo Credit: zimbio.com


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