Katy Perry Extra Marital Affair Rumors Circulate

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream Video Shoot

According to several insiders, Katy Perry may be cheating on recently wed husband Russel Brand with her sometimes writing partner and producer Benny Blanco.

The insiders say that Perry has been sleeping with Blanco who has produced songs fro Britney Spears, Ke$ha and others. Blanco it should be noted is a former Heroine users and sex addict and like Perry was raised as a devout Christian.

If the rumors are true, it would be quite the twist considering Perry’s hubby Russell Brand is in fact the admitted sex addict in the relationship.

Perry’s former “close friend” Angela Summers tells New Weekly that Katy and Benny have grown close. According to Summers:

“Katy has grown closer and closer to Benny Blanco over the last year.” Summers goes on to add: “Katy loves to flirt with everybody, but when she’s around Benny she gets extra flirty and only has eyes for him. She told me that she loves the fact he makes time for her whenever she needs him.”

Angela further stokes the fire by stating:

“I actually saw them together in the studio when they were mixing California Gurls. I saw Katy kiss him… It didn’t look like a friendly kiss,” Summers adds.

For now we’ll just call this one wild speculation.

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  1. Why do you have to ruin lives? This is what you people do, you get bored and start gossip thats your job,your a life ruiner and you start spreading shit. Leave Katy Perry alone she may not be perfect but neither are you.How would you like it if i followed you around with a camera all hours of the day,if i pulled up everything you’ve done in the past,all your break ups and boyfriends i talked to and interveiwed.What if you had a criminal record i spread that around the whole world for everything and everyone to see and ruined any chance of you getting a job.Just fuck off and get a better job and stop ruining peoples lives.

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