James Durbin Isn’t The Nice Guy American Idol Portrays Him To Be

James Durbin American Idol Audition

When James Durbin was auditioning for a spot on Fox TV’s American Idol, producers for the show decided to portray the rocker as a kid who lost his father at an early age and was just trying to make ends meet for himself, his wife and their kid. It turns out Durbin is a foul mouthed rocker that was simply portrayed in a light that producers found suitable for the show.

During a local battle of the bands contest in Santa Cruz last April Durbin and his band mates in The Hollywood Scars were asked what their favorite things to write about were, to which Durbin said “having sex with women…whores…and having a good time.

The 21-year-old father who suffers from Tourette’s had not yet returned calls to various organizations looking for comment.

Here’s Durbin’s American Idol audition video:

Perhaps Durbin made a complete 180 degree turn since April 2010, but we doubt it.


  1. He’s James freaking Durbin.
    He’s been through alot and he’s allowed to slip up.
    Don’t tell me there’s anyone on this planet who’s absolutely perfect, because there isn’t.
    He’s an amazing singer, and he deserves to be on the show because of his talent.

  2. I don’t know if this kid will make it to the end, but I like the guy. I think that Americans will love his story and be pulling for him to do well. http://tinyurl.com/4lphz2d