Drugs Found at Justin Bieber’s House!

UH-OH. Justin Bieber is now a certified “bad boy”, and not the good kind at that.

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(c) Getty

The “Believe” star possibly (since it’s not yet confirmed) made the greatest idiocy of throwing eggs on his neighbor’s home.

“We are executing a search warrant on Justin Bieber’s home this morning as part of our now felony vandalism investigation into the allegations that he egged a neighbor’s home,” says LA County Sheriff spokesperson Steve Whitmore.

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After searching the pop sensation’s Calabasas home, officers arrested “seven or eight” people — including Justin himself — for possession of cocaine. One of these is his friend, rapper Lil Za, who’s currently being held for a $20,000 bail.

“In these types of situations, we don’t know what we are going to confront… We don’t know who’s staying at the house or who might be under the influence of anyting,” a certain Lt. David Thompson says during a press conference.

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Now, as investigation is underway, further analysis of the drug reveals that it could be ecstasy or “molly”.

“Let’s just wait and see, but we’re fairly certain it’s a controlled substance,” Whitmore adds.

Maybe a hiatus is what he really needs for now.