Dina And Michael Lohan Back In Court Over Child Support

Michael and Dina Lohan

So much for a happy holiday with the family, it looks like Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan, parents of Lindsay Lohan will be heading back to court over child support payments.

Dina is asking that Michael pay previously owed child support on their two children who are not yet of age, Ali, 16 and Cody, 14.

The couple headed to court just several months ago after Michael failed to make his monthly payments. Dina is reportedly even more furious that Michael has been making payments to his “illegitimate daughters” mother. Michael is paying support to a Montana woman who won a default judgment against Michael when he never opposed her claim that she fathered his daughter, Ashley Kaufmann 15 years ago.

Dina claims that Michael owes her more than $30,000.

“It’s completely ridiculous. When I heard that he was paying for this child in Montana, I just had to fight for my kids… This child in Montana gets more than Ali and Cody (get). Lindsay is so upset and disgusted with him. Last year, I went to court on Christmas Eve, and here I am this Christmas, going back to court,” said Dina.