Denise Richards & Pamela Anderson Get Sued for the Laptop Thing


Remember that whole balcony heaving laptop incident last year during the filming of the movie Blonde and Blonder?  Make sure to take your refresher course here if not.

Well, Blonde and Blonder actresses Denise Richards & Pamela Anderson looked like they were going to avoid trouble regarding the heavily-reported incident, but it appears as if the duo are now being sued by the two Canadian photographers who the blondes terrorized.

Court papers were filed Friday in L.A. by photographers Rik Fedyck & Scott Cosman stating that Richards “became enraged” when she saw that the two had taken photos of the actress & began calling the two men names.  Pretty much after that is when Richards threw one of the photographer’s laptops off the balcony into the hotel lobby causing quite a bit of a ruckus.

You know, most guys wouldn’t mind being roughed-up by Richards & Anderson, would they? 

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