Demi Lovato Settles Assault Case Before Going To Court

Demi Lovato Sexually Posing

It’s being reported that Demi Lovato has reached an out of court financial settlement with the backup dancer she allegedly slugged during her October breakdown.

According to reports, Lovato punched Alex Welch in the face when flying on a private jet. Lovato suspected that Welch had spoken out to her handlers about her wild partying ways when on tour with ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas and the rest of the Jonas Brothers.

The beating was bad enough to leave Welch with visible bruising and the threat of taking the fight to court.

The amount Welsh is receiving is undisclosed at this time.

Welch’s attorney told TMZ:

“The parties are satisfied and the dispute has been resolved amicably and completely.”

In the meantime, Lovato is still in a Chicago rehab center where she is being treated for “emotional and physical issues.”


  1. “Allegedly punched Alex Welch…” Actually you have your facts wrong, Demi did in fact punch (ASSAULT) Alex. Alex was not part of the after dinner party that Demi and a few other members of the tour engaged in. The word on the streets is that the real “RAT” is hiding like a scared little girl and is letting Alex take the heat. Hey, “RAT” we know who you are and it’s time to man up!!! Also, it is very telling that Demi has not come out publicly an admitted that “YES” she did assault Alex which was WRONG no matter what she might have convinced herself of believing Alex had done and finally, to EXONERATE Alex from any part in the tattling or parting fiasco along with an APOLOGY!!!

  2. Chris Franklin says:

    Facts are not wrong, we used allegedly because it never went to court and it’s Assault and Battery, the battery part is the actual physical contact…get your facts straight.

  3. You will have to excuse Midas. He goes around Demi Lovato forums in order to try and make himself feel more important. He’s just upset because he got his ass royally handed to him on people each point of his was destroyed word for word by some random user. He’s going to play the Insider card and claim that he knows what’s going on as a fact and that the real “RAT” is hiding and what not. Not to mention he will act like his word is law despite the fact that the law is pretty clear on the simple concept that if anything, this is a charge of SIMPLE BATTERY and SIMPLE assault. Which is more or less a misdermeanor. THen again it’s not up to us to decide a crime since it was never brought to court.

    I apologize on Midas’s behalf. He’s too stupid to know what facts are