Oprah Winfey on The Oprah Show

The South African all-girls school founded by Oprah Winfrey has seen a few scandals pass through the institutions halls and this week a newborn baby was found dead in a bag belonging to a 17-year-old student.

The body was found after the girl who attends the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, 25 miles south of Johannesburg placed the baby in a plastic bag. The teen is said to have handed over the bag to hospital officials after being admitted for excessive bleeding.

Investigators have not said whether or not the child died of natural causes or at the hands of the student who remains in the hospital at this time.

According to PopCrunch:

Since opening in 2007, the $40 million school has consistently come under public scrutiny. The latest scandal comes four years after the school’s former dorm matron was accused of molesting students. Virginia Tiny Makopo was eventually acquitted of the charges. Additionally, in March, 2009, four pupils were expelled and another three suspended for alleged “inappropriate behavior,” which reportedly included “sexual misconduct.”