We are all familiar with Britney’s much-publicized breakdown in 2008. We saw her shave her head in front of the paps, we saw her all wild-eyed strapped on a gurney being taken into an ambulance.

During those times Sam Lutfi was the constant presence around Britney Spears, her parents were cut off from her; Britney’s spending was out of control, she was almost broke paying off legal bills due to the custody battle with KFed. And rumor has it, Sam Lufti was crushing tablets into Britney’s food to keep her drugged up and easy to control.

But on the other end were Britney’s parents who wanted her to go into a conservatorship to take control of her health and finances. Her parents weren’t saints either, their daughther was having a difficult time dealing with rise to fame and they kept shoving her into the spotlight.

According to TMZ, during her infamous public metldown, Britney shaved her head out of fear that the court would find drug residue in her hair. Britney was afraid of losing custody of her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Although she is still under conservatorship, Spears is in a much better mental state compared to her situation 5 years back. Gossip blogs have stated that Britney’s computer usage is restricted. Her family doesn’t want her exposed to negative commentary and unflattering Paparazzi photos. Britney’s has always been in a vulnerable mental state and remains sensitive about bad press.

But now- her life without Lufti- Britney Spears looks healthier. She has seat as a judge on X Factor USA, she’s still with fiancé Jason Trawick who loves her (and seems well meaning enough that he cares for her kids as well). But Britney Spears is still at a precarious point- any bit of drug, booze or hint of a meltdown- will just blow off her progress.

Joe Schleimer, the lawyer for Sam Lutfi  claims in opening statements at Los Angeles Superior Court, Spears was ‘addicted to amphetamines and took 30 prescription pills before she was taken into an involuntary psychiatric hold.’


Sam Lutfi is suing Spears, her mom Lynne and father Jamie for defamation, breach of contract and libel. The lawsuit is the least of  Britney’s worries, now that she’s back on her game.