Charles Manson Attorney Asks Obama To Set Him Free

Charles Manson - Black and White Photo

Giovanni Di Stefano, the long time lawyer for serial killer Charles Manson has reached out to President Obama, asking the President to set his client free.

Di Stefano, the same guy who tried to help Saddam Hussein says that Manson was simply a cult leader and not a murderer as he has been made out to be by some of his former followers and much of the press.

The lawyer tells TMZ that at worse Manson told his followers to “do something witchy” but never said to commit acts of murder on his behalf.
According to Di Stefano:

“Manson has been made out in America to be the Satan of the criminal justice system. He does not deserve the title.”

For some reason I don’t think Obama will be responding or if he does it will be with a form letter than says “You’re insane Mr. Di Stefano.”


  1. Let Charlie GO!